October 20, 2020
noun phrase examples in English

100+ Noun Phrase Examples in English

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Are you looking for noun phrase examples to help you understand grammatical names and functions better? Then look no further. Because, here, right now, you will have a mega collection of noun phrase examples on a scale you’ve never seen before.

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I’m going to shock you with an interesting revelation about noun phrase examples. Let me just give you a hint. Most expressions you encounter every day are examples of noun phrases.

Here are some of the commonest places and situations in everyday living and communication that we’ve always had noun phrases parading themselves like nobody’s business.

  • inscriptions on commercial vehicles in Ghana, Nigeria and other countries
  • titles of books
  • titles of films
  • common expressions in the media
  • current developments in the world
  • names of famous places around the globe

There is a lot more. But let me leave you to find out for yourself as I give you my super-collection of noun phrase examples in English.

Here we go!

First Set of Noun Phrase Examples

corona virus

the pandemic

the corona virus pandemic

the virus

the outbreak of the disease

the government’s response to the corona virus

public reaction to the spread of the virus

public reaction

the spread of the virus

affected people

the lockdown

job losses

people worst affected

lower income countries

anyone who got the disease

the rose garden

west wing

the west wing

white house

white house correspondent

the president

the prime minister

our democracy

an affront to our sense of decency

a Russian agent

the Ghanaian capital

police brutalities

human right abuses

a timely intervention

many cases

complete nonsense

lack of security

a threat to national security

a week of national prayers

six-man delegation

ballot papers

polling station

amazing grace

merciful God

believer’s voice of hope

joyful way incorporated

absentee votes

vigilante groups

foot soldiers

party supporters

innaugural speech

lily of the valley

school authorities

true lies

collateral damage

You can see that already, we’ve passed the 50 mark with our collection of noun phrase examples.

Let’s move quickly to our next set of examples of the noun phrase in English.

Second Set of Noun Phrase Examples

master of the game

the game

my worst enemy

wicked stepmother

a man of the people

fake news

social media

mobile phone

video camera

world food programme

Nobel peace prize

streamside exchange

song of the women of my land

the caged bird

the grieved lands

journey of the magi

government driver

his retirement

English language paper

end-of-term test

end-of-year examination

the captain of the Nigerian footbal team

Nigerian football team

Nigerian superstar

footbal team

the captain

African nations cup

African cup of nations

the president of Sierra Leone

our foreign minister

minister of health

tourism industry in Gambia

tourism industry

Nigerian film industry

Liberian first lady

world best footballer

the Liberian leader

people of Liberian

department of defence

climate change

nuclear deal

international tournament

world affairs

serious consequences

first lady

bitter feeling

grocery shop

Accra city mall

black woman

More Noun Phrase Examples

Your bonus collection of noun phrase examples are below.

information technology

basic understanding

mutual agreement

very bad behaviour

indiscipline in schools

administration block

morning assembly

ten missed calls

phone call

call centre

dining hall

Mathematics syllabus

integrated science

speech and prize giving day

normal circumstances

internet browser

computer science

social conflict

a strong foundation

indiscipline in schools

your exercise book

Noun Phrases Are Everywhere

I hope by now you’ve realized how common noun phrases are. These noun phrase examples should open your eyes to be able to identify more for yourself.

If you need further explanation of noun phrases or you want to learn about grammatical names and functions in general, I urge you to click the links below to learn more.

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What difficulty do you have in identifying the part of speech or grammatical name of a word or group of words in a sentence? Let me know if you need help in this area. Simply contact me via the contact button on this page.

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