October 30, 2020

How Daniel’s Faith Delivered Him

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This Christian Religious Studies (CRS) tutorial gives you the key points to raise in an essay about how Daniel’s faith saved him.

You must also note the second part of the tutorial that highlights the moral lessons Christians can learn from the faith Daniel demonstrated.

These moral lessons show the importance of faith in the life of a Christian.

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We will take the below topics one after the other and provide the essential points you need for a good answer in your WAEC/WASSCE CRS test paper.



Let’s get going.

How Daniel’s Faith Delivered Him

This incident occurred when the Jews were in exile in Persia

Because of the spirit of God that dwelt in him, Daniel rose to become a prominent official in the administration of Darius, the king.

Thus, he and two others were put in charge of 120 districts known as satraps

Daniel went on to win the king’s trust. As a result, King Darius decided to put Daniel in charge of the administration of the whole kingdom.

Quickly, Daniel attracted jealousy from the other officials. They decided to set a trap for him in order to put him in trouble with the king and the law.

Having tried to find fault with Daniel without success, the plotters realized that the only way to corner and nail Daniel was in connection with the worship of his God.

They convinced king Darius to issue an edict (a decree) making it an offence for anyone to petition any God, except the king. Punishment for violating the edict was that the offender would be thrown into a den of lions.

Daniel disregarded the decree and continued to make petitions to his God.

When Daniel was reported to the king, the king felt very sad. He thought of getting any means possible to save Daniel.

But the jealous officials prevailed upon him to carry out the lawful punishment.

Under the law of the Medes and Persians, no such edict by the king could be revoked or changed.

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Steps Darius Took

Thus, the king did the following:

He ordered Daniel to be thrown into the den of lions.

He told Daniel; “may your God whom you serve continually deliver you”

Darius went inside the Palace and spent the whole night fasting

The following day, he ordered the den to be opened to find out whether Daniel was hurt or not.

The king, on realizing that Daniel remained unscathed did the following

He ordered that Daniel be brought out.

King Darius then ordered that the accusers of Daniel and their families be thrown into the den. In fact, they were devoured by the lions and their bones broken into pieces even before they touched the floor of the den.

The king wrote to all the earth that the God that was worthy to be served was the God that delivered Daniel.

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Importance of Faith

Following are the moral lessons Christians can draw from the story of Daniel’s faith.

1. Christians must stand firm in their faith in God whenever they face trials and persecution.

2. God will always fight and defeat the enemy if Christians trust in Him.

3. God is omnipresent. He is a universal God and his power and influence will manifest anywhere that Christians hold fast their faith in Him.

4. One person’s act of faith and courage can influence the actions of the most powerful rulers to fear God and promote His cause.

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