How I Use Content Upgrade to Grow My Email List

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The lesson I wish to share with you in this post is how to use the content upgrade technique to grow your email list.

Recently, I went on a search to educate myself about the power the content upgrade has to increase by 10x the rate of getting email subscribers for my blog.

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As usual, I don’t want to be selfish. I know I will personally benefit in more ways just by sharing the information I gathered.

I will show you the advantages of making content upgrades a major element of your blog post pre-publishing checklist.

Are you ready to learn more about the magic of the content upgrade in blogging?

Okay. Then let’s have the essential points every serious blogger must know about the content upgrade.

What is a content upgrade?

A content upgrade is a simpler form of a lead magnet(opt-in bribe) that the blogger adds to a particular blog post or page to make it easier for visitors to subscribe to the blog.

Essentially, a content upgrade is a freebie of a little extra value that the visitor finds so enticing that they easily give up their name and email address in order to get it. The faster the better.

It is best to use content upgrades for the best performing, high-traffic blog posts on your site.

Benefits of using content upgrades

Just imagine the advantages you stand to gain just by adding a content upgrade to as many of your blog posts as possible.

Personally, I’ve been reaping some of these benefits of content upgrades.

1. They add extra value to your blog posts

2. Content upgrades make visitors develop a positive mindset about you. Because it shows how kind and caring a person you are!

3. Your blog will more easily attract new visitors. This means a supercharged traffic, right?

4. A good blog content upgrade will lead to repeat visitors. I mean you will get more direct traffic to your blog.

5. You will quickly put your email list building efforts on steroids. In other words, content upgrades are known to be perfect list-building machines.

6. Users will now spend more time on the blog. It could lead to a higher click-through rate. I mean, a tantalizing CTR you will definitely love seeing in your Google Analytics report.

7. When done right, the more content upgrades you have, the higher your search engine ranking is likely to be. Trust those Canva graphics, for example to raise your blog’s status on Pinterest.

Before long, it’ll begin to reflect on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) as more satisfied visitors share your content freely.

Clearly, the content upgrades are an effective SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tool.

Examples of content upgrade

I came across many examples of content upgrade during my search on Google.

Here is a list of those that I find most interesting and useful for my own purposes. You might also find them helpful.

Cheat sheet or easy how-to guide


List of resources

Quick start guide

Case study


A challenge

A teaser from a paid product

Mini ebook

Free email course


Article summary


Downloadable version of blog post – printable PDF

Transcript based on video or audio content

Bonus content such as video or podcast for download

Tools for creating content upgrade


I use Canva, a free tool, for beautiful, attractive graphics


This is a premium tool for easy execution of email list building


Use the free Audacity app for audio or podcasts


I personally rely on Mailchimp (it has a popular free version) for all my email marketing activities.


YouTube is a handy free tool for any blogger’s video content upgrade strategy.


Pinterest will help you to up your SEO game with those large graphics you’ve been creating as content upgrade. The cheat sheet, checklist and infographics fit in here.


Make any kind of content have the desired visual impact with Visage.


Google Fonts


My big lesson

Here is one key thing I’ve discovered putting the content upgrade bit of my blogging career into action. It makes every blogger’s email marketing efforts super easy.

You will, at the very least, keep doubling your subscriber list exponentially. So, why don’t you also try it.

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