October 20, 2020

How to Study WASSCE Online for Best WAEC Results

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Are you a WASSCE candidate trying to find the best way to study WASSCE online? Well it shouldn’t be too much of a headache to learn how to prepare for WASSCE online.

I have some ideas that I believe will help you to study for WASSCE online in the most effective way.

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You see, it isn’t just a matter of going on the internet to pick anything to study WASSCE online.

Every step you take as an online WASSCE student must give you the best of the results you need to further your education.

Still, it should afford you the chance to gain some form of employment. That is, if this is all you want to do after graduating from high school.

Are you ready to discover the most important steps to take to study WASSCE online? Right then, let’s get going.


1. Decide on What You Want

Have you already figured out exactly the online content and tools you want to access online? ]

What are the subjects you want to study online for your school candidates’ May/June WASSCE or Nov/Dec WASSCE for private candidates?


Are you looking for downloadable PDF study guides?

Will you prefer free WASSCE online study notes or paid WASSCE books and courses?

These and many other objectives need to be made clear at the beginning. You want to make sure that when you go online, you will not end up getting distracted by the tons of online content on all manner of WASSCE subjects.

2. Get your tools ready

Thankfully, you do not need to buy an expensive computer or smartphone to start study WASSCE online.

A relatively low priced phone will help you access information about online WASSCE notes.

If you own any laptop or desktop in good working condition, that’s just perfect.


Remember that a reliable internet connection is also vital.

3. Choose the right websites or blogs

I will advice that you do not rely on just one website or blog that creates content on WASSCE study guides.

Like everything else, it is good to sample and compare.

After discovering the first of the countless blogs that teach WASSCE subjects online, go ahead and look for similar ones as well.

Do not settle for the blogs that only know how to steal other people’s content and present it as if they produced it themselves. Beyond the plagiarized study notes, they cannot give you any more help.


How to Detect a Fake Website

Here are two reliable online places, besides CEGASTACADEMY.COM, where you can find what you need to prepare for some of your WASSCE subjects.



4. Have an Online WASSCE Study Strategy

Do not just get up and step blindly onto the internet to study anything. You need a sound WASSCE online study strategy for the best results.

This is the only way to stay focused on an internet overloaded with all forms of attractive content.

Below are the key points you must put into your online learning strategy.

Time table – when to go online and what to do as soon as you get there.

Type of content format – text, audio or video. Would you love to combine all? Take a decision and stick to it.

Type of study guide – past questions and answers, sample essays, explanatory notes, objective test questions and answers, short courses and tests and so on. Decide on this too.

Mode of accessing content – paid registered member of a membership site, casual visitor to a blog with free content on WASSCE and senior high school subjects etc. Which one would you prefer?

First on Google does not necessarily mean best on the internet. Click To Tweet

5. Take notes

Do not be lazy about taking notes. I can tell you on authority that our own style of writing helps us remember relatively easily what we’ve learnt.

All you need to do is to jot down some key points you will come across.

6. Bookmark posts you consider valuable

If you’re a WASSCE General Arts student, for example, you can bookmark popular study notes such as THE SUMMARY OF HARVEST OF CORRUPTION or HOW WAEC SET THEIR WASSCE QUESTIONS.

This will allow you to remember and go back to them to give them the attention they truly deserve.

7. Use the internet to study ahead of your classroom lessons

Again, it is best to always be at least one step ahead of your WASSCE subject tutor.

One way to achieve this is to search in Google and other search engines or social media platforms for what others are saying about the relevant topics.

Are you going to be a WASSCE 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024 or 2025 Literature candidate? Start searching online for reliable notes on WASSCE African poetry analyses now. You will be helping yourself and making your hardworking teacher’s work a bit easier.     

If you know you will be taking the WAEC/WASSCE Core Mathematics paper soon, try visiting blogs devoted to the teaching of Core Mathematics online. The same applies to WASSCE Integrated Science or General Science.


8. Not every online WASSCE study guide is good for you

You must scrutinize what you choose to accept on any online WASSCE study website. Because much of what is out there is absolute trash.

Sorry to sound harsh. But I need to be blunt because it’s your future we’re speaking about here. Do not also forget your hard-earned money that has gone to the folks at WAEC.

Do not be deceived by websites that appear at the very top of your search engine result pages (SERPs).

For all you know, all they contain is a random collection of keywords and numerous useless sentences clothed in porous grammar.

Please, always remember this for your own good.

First on Google in particular does not necessarily mean best on the internet.

The robots that place search results before you are not intelligent enough to know certain things.

For instance, the search engine bots hardly can tell whether a certain content, though filled with awesome keywords, is good enough to stand up to the WAEC marking scheme.


You will do well to consult your subject teacher about the relevance of your findings on Google.

I know that’s great advice. Take it from me.

9. Make one website your home for online WASSCE study

No, I’m not contradicting myself.

While not relying on one source only to study WASSCE online, make one particular website the first among equals.

Give this lifelong learning website a special bookmark title. Let it be at the centre of all your online WASSCE study activities.

Make sure to keep coming back to it. Why? Because you find the study guides there most suitable to your needs.

Of course I wouldn’t mind if you choose CegastAcademy.com. But, to be fair, there are other equally good ones out there. I’ve mentioned some above.

Don’t also forget that your particular WASSCE subjects will determine what blog or website you choose to make your home study WASSCE online.

On this website, I focus my WASSCE notes more on General Arts subjects. There are great blogs that are doing a good job teaching other equally important WASSCE subjects.

How to Get Your WASSCE Certificate Without Attending Senior High School

The bottom line is only you can decide what suits you best.

10. Do not waste your time looking for leaked WASSCE questions online.

One thing many senior high school students in Ghana and elsewhere tend to forget is that genuine WASSCE results are the best guarantee for their future success.

And that when you work just a little harder, you can easily get the WASSCE grades you want.

Anyone who takes money from you promising to give you some magic WASSCE questions (APOR) hasn’t got your interests at heart.

They are criminals taking advantage of your fear of examinations.

The starting point of dealing with this needless fear of examinations is certainly not joining online forums and WhatsApp groups where fake WASSCE questions are in free circulation.

The starting point to genuine success here is taking very small but consistent steps to study WASSCE online effectively.


You have what it takes to study WASSCE online for the best results. Always keep that In mind. Take the right steps which, in the majority of cases, cost you almost nothing.

It only takes reliable online study guides, the right strategy and a winner’s mentality to successfully study WASSCE online.

I wish you good luck in your examination.

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