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Are you willing to find ways to declutter your blogging life?

The truth is we all do have a level of clutter in our blogging life that needs clearing. The resulting clarity can only lead to higher productivity for you and me.

Extras which tend to weigh down every career blogger’s life include the following.

Shiny little objects …

Too many goals for reaching your financial dreams

 Gazillion online income streams currently under consideration.

A rather long list of affiliate marketing products

Dozens of fancy apps on your desktop

An unending number of blog topics/niches all brought under one huge umbrella. Looks like you’re one of those anything-goes-bloggers who have concluded long ago that niching down is simply a difficult term to deal with.

I’ve been there, you know? But still not completely out of the woods.

At one time, I saddled myself with a bunch of blogging topics that got me stressed out most of the time. But the sad fact was that many of these satisfied me only.

No one else took interest. At least, that’s what Google Analytics kept telling me. And who am I not to believe almighty, all-knowing GA?

Then I went looking for “multi-topic blog pros and cons”. I was still forcing to justify my stubborn attachment to blog topics my audience hardly turned their eyes to notice, let alone read.

Here’s another extra.

It is also tempting to start too many blogs or websites at the same time. This is mainly because of the unlimited addon domain perk you’ll be presented with when you buy your hosting package.

In fact, the shiny little objects that can clutter the average blogger’s day are so many that if care is not taken, your choice of blogging as a full-time career can turn into a nightmare.

No focus, no results, and limited forward movement.

We all need to consider decluttering.

The only solution to all this is to sit down and do some serious soul-searching.

Identifying only what works best for you and concentrating all your effort and energy on that only is the surest way to a successful blogging career. At least, this is what the Pareto Principle or the 80/20 rule is all about.

It is good news for all of us to know that an increasing number of bloggers are coming to terms with the problems that arise out of the tendency to try to chase after more than a manageable number of goals at one particular moment. 

Similarly, it is a good thing to appreciate the rewards that come along with focusing on a limited number of goals and tasks.

It is not like we must not be ambitious as career bloggers. It is just that, it is easier this way to perform the tasks that will give us the level of online income we aspire to.

That is, when we cut out the fluff and devote precious time to the blogging activities that truly matter.

You don’t want to continue being part of the dizzying rat – race, right? 

Declutter your blogging life.

So you declutter. You stop acquiring more domains that only turn out being white elephants, at best.

If possible, you may even sell or give away some for free.

As for those redundant premium plugins and themes littering your dashboard area, why don’t you just cut your losses and say bye to them?

Begin to give away those blogging paraphernalia without which you can still lead a normal, satisfying life as a career blogger.

I want you to take a look at the awesome advantages you stand to gain when you finally decide to get rid of all, or at least most, of the extras in your blogging life.

1. You will achieve emotional stability

This is one important benefit of getting rid of the excess.

You will suddenly experience this liberating feeling of lightness. Many of the anxieties will be gone. Thereafter, you will become a newer and freer blogger. Trust me.

2. Freed time and space for better focus

You can now have more time to devote to your core blogging and lifestyle dreams and passions. Remember it was because of these you chose to become a career blogger in the first place.

Now you are free to write that book you’ve always dreamed of, travel to places that will give you newer perspectives, or work for charities to make you come truly alive.

3. A less stressful blogging life

When you take the extras out of your blogging career, you begin to experience a huge sense of relief.

Your days will get less cluttered.

It begins to feel like a heavy load were taken off your back. Your thinking is clearer and more focused on result-bringing ideas only.

The pressure to hurry and scramble through the jungle of ideas, tools and systems around you is gone for good. You feel lighter, and are in a better and healthier state of mind to work smarter.

When we declutter our days, offices, desktops and even our dashboards as bloggers,, much of the burden begins to go away.

Getting rid of the extras frees up our time to be able to rest enough, meditate enough and, oh, sleep enough.

4. Reduced financial difficulties

As we all know, most of the tools bloggers rely on to keep producing content, marketing it and selling information products cost money.

Self-hosting and domain costs may not be too expensive but it still takes money to purchase them. Never forget, there are annual renewal charges to pay.

And the year can come around so fast!

WordPress, other content management systems and software are free, yes. But to make them truly functional, you’ve still got some premium themes and plugins and other blogging tools to purchase.

Imagine you went in for any blogging tool that caught your fancy. Now you have a house full of them. But you are simply not able to use them!

Stopping or cancelling some of your subscriptions is advisable. Deciding not to renew certain financial commitments from now onwards will definitely take a substantial part of your financial worries away.

This is how you will see your profits increase as your fixed and recurring expenses begin to decrease.

5. Rediscover what blogging means to you.

Let me ask you this question. Don’t you think our life as career bloggers must definitely have more to it than acquiring tools and chasing goals we don’t need?

As you declutter, free up your mind and reduce your space, you will find time to reconsider the true meaning of life itself.

You will begin once more to rediscover, and go after what really motivated you to become a career blogger.

For many of us, we simply wanted to allow our creative juices to flow. Initially we only desired to share what we know, have or do with all mankind.

Additionally, what we went out in search for was the freedom to live and work on our own terms.

But for some reason, they all got buried down under a rubble of disorganized thoughts, goals and blog monetization combos.

Now you can get back on track and reach for these lofty ideals. Because most of the distractions have been done away with.

Tell me something …

So why did you choose to become a career blogger? Are you on course? Do you think you’ve got some extras that you need to do away with in your blogging career? Let me hear from you.

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