How to Change Username on WordPress

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Are you unhappy with the fact that you’re having a hard time trying to figure out how to change your username on your WordPress site?

It does not matter whether you’re a newbie blogger from Ghana, Nigeria or elsewhere in Africa and the world at large.

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Wherever you are practicing your blogging business, here’s a little secret you’d love to hear.

It is not completely impossible to change your username on your self-hosted site.

Yes, that is even if you’re a blogger in Ghana.

Strangely, WordPress puts it as if there was no way one could change their original username if one didn’t like it anymore.

The first time I installed WordPress on my self-hosted site, I run into this difficulty. The good news is you don’t have to find it that difficult to change your username. Because I’m here to show you how you can change your username in a very simple and direct manner.

But before I teach you how to change your username as a WordPress admin, let me tell you my experience when I just started as a real greenhorn beginner blogger.

Here is how it happened.

I had just paid for my first brand-new domain and self-hosted website. I was really excited, and I was in a hurry to view my new site. The kind of site so many blogging advice gurus will preach to you as if it was a sin to be on

Let me digress a bit.

It is never a bad thing to start or even remain on This is my candid opinion.

We each have our peculiar objectives and schedules regarding how we go about these things. We also have handicaps that others may not easily understand.

So, being at one stage in your blogging career is like being on a stepping stone. Who knows what your plans are anyway?

I will therefore advise (VERY STRONGLY) that you take your time and do it your way. This is important so you may get it right.

Never feel ashamed to be on even a FREE blogging platform today.

And when you’re ready to start your self-hosted blog (where it can get really tricky trying to change your username), do not forget to go for a reliable self-hosting platform.

Let me just remind you that to get started as a newbie blogger and become a successful online publisher is not that easy. Useful resources like this one will definitely help you to acquire the skills you need to make it big as a career digital publisher.

Well, that’s just by the way.

So, I was in a hurry to see my new site. While I was filling in those fields to install WordPress quick and fast, I hardly took notice of a certain default username (admin) in the username field.

Instead of changing admin to something personal and useful, I just jumped over it and let it be.

I was in for the shock of my life.

The username and author of my first post displayed as admin. Yes, just that.

I quickly went back to change it only to be told the username could not be changed.

Oh damnation!

Well I didn’t believe it. I had been using WordPress for some time now. And I knew they wouldn’t shut the doors of possibilities completely in the face of their customers like that.

Not even on FREE Let alone paid

As usual, I went to town.

I sought Google to give me some ideas. And ideas I got! To summarize everything, I discovered it was possible to change my username.

The only caveat was that I could only do so with an email address other than the one I used earlier.

That was not a big problem. I already had a couple other email addresses. The rest is now history.

So I’m here to show you how to change your username on your self-hosted site if ever you find yourself in my position described above.

Now here we go.

And as usual, expect me to be brief and concise in my instructions.

Simply move from step to step. Follow the prompts that come up along the way. I mean click away where necessary.

Edit to your satisfaction and select whatever options you must. Good luck to you.

What you need first

For starters, make sure you have the following in place in order to successfully change your username on your blog or website.

Your self-hosted website with a username whose back you want to see as quickly as possible.

A separate email address. You can’t use the previous one to change your username.

Go ahead and change your username

Like I said earlier, all you need to do is follow the following steps as the items appear one after the other. No need to make things complicated at all.

Ready? Let’s go!

Go to your dashboard.


Add New

Fill out the form. Don’t forget to use your new email address

Username. Just do it your way now. I mean type here exactly what you want your username to be.

Choose Password. Make sure it is a strong password.

User Role. Choose ADMINISTRATOR. I hope you would love to remain in charge for a long time.

Save your changes/settings.

That’s all. You’ve just changed your “unchangeable” username on a site.

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