Summary and Analysis of Raider of the Treasure Trove

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In this WASSCE Literature-in-English tutorial,you will find a complete summary of Lade Wosornu’s poem, Raider of the Treasure Trove.

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Trust me to lead you to the subject and the meaning of Raider of the Treasure Trove. We shall also do a detailed analysis of Raider of the Treasure Trove.

However, let’s begin with the full text of the poem Raider of the Treasure Trove.

Just a reminder: In the WAEC/WASSCE 2021 – 2025 Literature-in-English syllabus, Raider of the Treasure Trove is one of the six poems every candidate is supposed to study under the African Poetry Section.

Note, also, that both school candidates (MAY/JUNE WASSCE) and private candidates (NOV/DEC WASSCE) are required to answer one essay question on any one of the set poems in this section of the WASSCE Literature paper.


Full text

But what can be worthy of your life?

What dearer than the gems of your dreams.

The reason you are here? Always strive

To fly flags of joy, and, sail up streams

Powered by the breeze of love, your course

Chattered in the ink of compassion

And fling roses wherever you pause

Heavens-on-earth your destination.

Of things which would blot out that brief

Or breach your sail with arrow unseen

No. Rob you of your life. Rage is chief.

Rage drags rags after you, of charity

Enemy of equanimity

Rage spreads toxic fumes on every scene

In essence, Rage spells calamity.

Its sole cause? Your perception of storms.

As you think, so you feel. Watch your mind.

Rage sets sail. Can ruin lag far behind?

I’ll fling roses wherever I berth

My destination is heaven-on-earth.


Raider of the Treasure Trove speaks to the reader about two important human emotions – love and hate.

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We can divide this poem into four major parts.

Part One

Man’s pursuit of happiness

The poem begins with the persona stating in very clear terms what should be the worthiest pursuit of every living person. To him, that which one must focus on in this life are dreams.

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The poet emphasizes the emotions that must drive the dreams for any life worth-living. These are joy, love and compassion.

He admonishes his audience to make these qualities take centre stage in all their endeavours.

To the poet, man must strive for happiness (the treasure trove) in this life. Thus, he is apparently suggesting that it is not good enough for one to just hang around, while still alive, hoping and waiting for a certain heaven or happiness in the hereafter.

But at the same time, this heaven-on-earth destination can only be attained when one lives by the higher and purer emotions of love, joy and compassion.

Part Two

Rage is the worst enemy of man’s desire for fulfillment and happiness

In the second part of Raider of the Treasure Trove, the poet calls for a rejection of all tendencies that undermines one’s happiness here on earth.

Of things which would blot out that brief

Or, breach your sails with arrow unseen

No. Rob you of your life …

What follows from here is a stark warning from the poet to the effect that negative emotions, particularly rage, are the number one enemy of man’s quest to find happiness in this life.

Rage, anger or hatred only serve to deprive the individual of the things he most desires. Rage is like a raider. It will steal the laughter, the, peace and calmness, sweetness and, indeed, all light from you if you allow it a place in your heart and mind.

In other words, rage is the thief or “raider” that is always lurking in the corner to rob us of our dreams for a life of contentment.

Like corrosive acid, rage eats away the treasures of happiness that all humans work so hard to achieve in this life.

In effect, all human suffering can be attributed to man’s inability to rid himself of dark emotions like anger, jealousy and hatred and to replace them with love.

Rage brings nothing other than trouble.

Enemy of equanimity

Rage spreads toxic fumes on every scene

In essence, Rage spells calamity …

Part Three

The source of rage

The next part of the poem, Raider of the Treasure Trove throws light upon what it is that causes rage, anger or hatred in the individual.

The only source of rage and other negative human emotions is how one perceives the challenges that inevitably come one’s way.

It’s sole cause? Your perception of storms

Breaking around, not upon, your head

There are either snakes, deviants or norms

As you think, so you feel. Watch your mind …

The nature of the thoughts that you form in your mind produce like effects on your actions and results.

Consequently, when one only thinks negatively, one must expect unpleasant situations in one’s life. In other words, only the individual has the power to decide what emotions rule his life – rage or love.

The persona admonishes his audience to watch what they think of life’s circumstances. He advocates positive thinking in all life’s situations. Because, negative emotions like rage has the capacity to ruin one’s life, if allowed to dominate the mind and the heart.

Part Four


Concluding, the poet asserts his readiness to choose love in place of rage in order to realize his own heaven here on earth.

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