Character and Role of The Commissioner of Police in Harvest of Corruption

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I seriously think you should begin taking a closer look at the character and role of the Commissioner of Police in Harvest of Corruption.

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You are not alone if you keep wondering if there is much for anyone to say about the character of the Commissioner of Police in Harvest of Corruption.

Personally, I was entertaining a similar feeling of doubt until I started gathering my facts on the role of the Commissioner of Police in this play.

Then, quickly, I began to realize that, after all, it was not that difficult to have enough to say about the character and role of the COP in Frank Ogodo Ogbeche’s Harvest of Corruption.

I am about to give you a clear idea as to what you need to be saying if you ever have to answer a question about the character of the Commissioner of Police.

Rest assured. Now you can have enough points to answer an essay question on the character of the Commissioner of Police.

And if you need to provide answers to objective test questions on Harvest of Corruption, this tutorial and many others will help you immensely.

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You will first learn the bare facts regarding the physical attributes of the Commissioner of Police.

After that, I will show you the role of the Commissioner of Police in the play.

Physical attributes of the Commissioner of Police

The playwright gives no specific name to the Commissioner of Police. This is obviously a deliberate omission. It probably has something to do with the fact that there are so many individuals of the COP’s character in the police service that it is almost impossible to give each one of them a distinctive name.

Top high-ranking police officers in Jacassa are all the same.

Clearly, the Commissioner of Police is a representative character. His role is to show the shameless behaviour of the rank and file of law-enforcement personnel in the country.

On the other hand, people like ACP Yakubu are a rare exception to the norm. One can easily spot them due to their distinctive attributes. So it is easier to name them. This could be the message.

By juxtaposing the starkly different characters of these two police officers, the playwright succeeds in bringing home to us the depths to which morality in the public service has sunk.

The Commissioner of Police is tall and athletic in stature.

The age of the Commissioner of Police is about 40 years.

He is a chain smoker.

He is a heavy drinker addicted to alcohol.

Themes of corruption and abuse of power

Let’s quickly turn our attention to another important question. How does the Commissioner of Police contribute to the themes of corruption and abuse of power in the play?

The corrupt ways of the Commissioner of Police can only be compared to those of Justice Odili and Chief Haladu Ade-Amaka.

He is a greedy, money-grabbing police officer. He contributes in no small way to the theme of corruption in Harvest of Corruption. Here is a COP who takes advantage of his position to profit illegally from Chief’s smuggling activities.

For example, the Commissioner of Police oversees Chief Haladu Ade-Amaka’s smuggling operations. He uses his “boys” (a clique of equally corrupt junior police officers) to cover up for the minister.

In return, he receives bundles of stolen money from the minister. But for the timely arrest of Chief Haladu Ade-Amaka and himself, the Commissioner of Police would have been made the next Inspector General of Police in Jacassa.

In the incident in his office involving him and ACP Yakubu, the COP displays his penchant for using his high position to intimidate his subordinates. But on this occasion, the ACP proves quite a handful for him. At the end of the exchanges, he succumbs to the higher moral authority of ACP Yakubu.

Contribution to the development of the plot

I want to repeat what I said in the tutorial on Frank Ogodo Ogbeche’s use of foreshadowing in Harvest of Corruption. Here we go.

The COP’s warnings to Chief to be careful about his activities foreshadow their arrest and imprisonment soon after.

Moreover, the danger signs the Commissioner speaks so fearfully about create an atmosphere of suspense in the drama.

Finally, like Chief Haladu Ade-Amaka, nemesis is just waiting to catch up with this corrupt Commissioner of Police. Just like the others, he receives his own portion of the harvest of corruption. He will serve a prison term of 20 years for his “greed and avariciousness”.

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