October 20, 2020

Why Online Learning is a Better Option

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Quite a sizeable number of individuals and families have of late been asking themselves if online learning (or simply, e-learning) is a better option than the traditional formally- structured mode of acquiring today’s in-demand knowledge and skills.

My guess is you’ve been considering going for online learning.

Now, let’s take it that I’m right – since you’re here reading this post. Based on that premise, here comes a question for you and me to think about.

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Could it be true that online learning is a better option for you or for your child?

I definitely think so.

I will soon tell you my reasons why I sincerely believe that, for an increasing number of people, online learning is gradually becoming the best approach for acquiring knowledge.

But let me first tell you, in my own words, what online learning is all about.

What is online learning?

Well, we want to avoid any technical definition that may end up defeating our purpose for this article. All we’re interested in here is a simple understanding of online learning.

That’s all you and I need to find out if it is truly a profitable approach you should adopt as you seek to improve yourself and your skill set further.

So here is what online learning is basically about.

Online learning involves the use of technology to access and absorb educational content on the internet.


Technology for online learning refers to devices such as computers, laptops and smartphones as well as any relevant application software. It is these that make it possible for the online student and the online educator (educational info provider/platform) to interact successfully.

Educational content

There are tons of educational content on the internet. Everywhere you pass, you’re sure to find someone sharing one form of educational content or the other.

Examples are e-courses, lessons, tutorials and study guides.

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Whether you’re on dedicated online teaching platforms such as Udemy, Khan Academy, Thinkific and Teachable or on social media platforms or even blogs, you will be served with amazing content that goes to add to your store of knowledge and to nourish your mind.

The great news about educational content online is that the greater part of it is given free of charge.

You see, you do not need to pay Google search engine, for example before using this service to discover any piece of knowledge you are looking for.

Even where there is a pseudo-classroom situation on YouTube or elsewhere, you’re sure to find many online teachers giving otherwise very expensive knowledge for free! The reason? Knowledge sharing online is becoming a marketing tool. It helps you make money in fantastic indirect ways if done right.

Online learning is not limited to teacher-student relationships

People all over the world are teaching rare skills simply by using the medium of blog posts. I personally, have been educating myself a lot just by looking for my choice topics online.

And when I find them? I absorb them like nobody’s business. WordPress blogs, YouTube channels and podcasts are the best online resources for this kind of free online educational content.

You will also find thousands of free online courses on any subject imaginable. All you ever need to do is search.

There are many reasons why online learning is now a better option than traditional brick-and-mortar schooling.

I will now tell you a few of these reasons why you should begin to see why online learning is a better choice for you.

Learning costs are lower

Like I said early on, much of the content on the internet is absolutely free. Secondly, if ever you need to take a paid online course, you will most probably not be paying the exorbitant admission fees and tuition associated with traditional school learning.

In most cases, all you need to start educating yourself online is a good laptop in top shape or a smartphone. I mean, the one you have right now is good enough. And with a reliable internet connection, you’re good to go.

There is a wider range of choices

In fact, it is entirely up to you to choose what you want to learn online. Both free and paid online courses range from topics like pet grooming, child care, office administration and digital marketing to others in the fields of alternative medicine, TOEFL,applied linguistics, hospitality and interior design.

There are no faculties and departments that pin you down to a specific set of courses you must study or else go home and forget about your life dreams. No. That era is now pre-history!

This is the new refreshing freedom you will enjoy in choosing the best online course(s) for your needs and aspirations.

No specific requirements

We all know how traditional offline universities and other brick-and-mortar institutions of learning easily stop millions of applicants every year from accessing their courses.

In many developing countries, for example, you must have a good pass in Mathematics and a Science to qualify for admission. That is even if all you ever want to study is Journalism or Theatre Arts!

Your awesome talent and potential in your area means nothing to them.

This is how the world lost thousands of highly creative individuals who could have become great orators or film directors every year.

Why? Because they couldn’t produce a good pass grade in Mathematics and Science.

Absurdity of the highest order!

Thankfully, online learning has come to give opportunities to anybody interested in improving themselves through continuing education.

The best opportunity for you to nurture your talents and dreams are there for you on the internet.

Online learning is a better option because most of the e-course providers do not make specific requirements a condition for access to their courses.

No fixed school terms and time tables.

This is why you can learn any time and anywhere you choose.

A further advantage here is that online learning has made continual self-improvement possible for anyone interested in lifelong learning.


So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of the immense possibilities online learning has for everyone today. Remember that online learning is a better choice because, with it, age, location or social and economic status are no longer a barrier to personal development. It is the greatest lifelong learning tool of our time.

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