The Role of the Public Services Commission (PSC)

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Today, you’re going to discover as much as you need to know about the Public Services Commission.

For the majority of candidates in external examinations like WASSCE, a question about the Public Services Commission is a bolt from the blue.

Many are the tutors who never got to this stage of the WAEC/WASSCE Government syllabus before the exam is due.

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Moreover, most students fail to realize the need to do independent learning. But you need to study privately so that you can help yourself with topics in the WAEC/WASSCE syllabus that may never come up for discussion in the classroom.

The Public Services Commission is one such topic. It is found somewhere at the tail end of the WASSCE Government syllabus.

Are you ready to start learning about the importance of this commission?

Then keep reading.

What is the Public Services Commission?

A: The Public Services Commission is an independent body appointed by the government to advise and supervise the operations of the various public services, including the civil service.


This is prescribed by the constitution. The members are full –time public servants.

  • Chairman
  • Vice – chairman
  • Other members


  • Part of the executive arm of government
  • Responsible to the cabinet
  • Deals with issues relating to appointments, promotions and discipline in the Public Service.


  • It recruits high level manpower into the civil service through the conduct of open competitive examinations and interviews.
  • The PSC takes disciplinary measures against civil servants who flout the rules of the civil service. This power includes the power of dismissal.
  • Also, the commission has power to promote civil servants. Such promotions are through examinations and interviews.
  • It could transfer civil servants from one ministry or department to another.
  • The Public Services Commission could grant retirement to civil servants who have reached the retiring age.
  • It serves as an advisory body to the government in all matters relating to the administration of the civil service.
  • Finally, the PSC plays the important role of making recommendations to the government for the general improvement of the civil service as a whole.

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