How to Prepare for Life After School

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Are you looking for the best way to prepare for life after school? Then you have found the right article to show you the way.

Life after leaving the four walls of the classroom has never been a bed of roses.

If no one has ever told you this then count yourself lucky for hearing it from me.

More often than you would ever imagine, life after graduating from university or high school is tough. That’s the fact. And it can get really scary.

You don’t believe me? Allow me to disclose a troubling secret to you today. The well-known problems of student life are nothing compared to the tough times that lie ahead after graduation day.

That is why you certainly need to prepare for life after school.

Are you still in the early years of your academic studies? Or you’re just about to complete school?

Maybe you graduated recently and have already begun seeing the signs that life after school is, after all, not the sugarcandy mountain that you thought it was!

But hey, life after school can still be an enjoyable one despite the usual challenges. And I want to let you in on some ideas from my personal experience to make you find life much easier than many would find it.

Whatever your present situation, I believe that you will benefit immensely from the points below as you take steps to enjoy a fulfilling life after graduation.

1. Cultivate a savings habit now.

The earlier you begin to learn how to save and invest part of your money, even as a student, the greater your chances of becoming an effective saver in your work life.

Remember that money has never been enough for anybody.

This abiding attribute of money is timeless. So your money will never be enough for you. Not now. And not in the future.

Ask the billionaires of the world and they will confess this to you.

Do not worry your head over the above shocking revelation. Just accept this truth about money and learn how to thrive financially in spite of it.

One way to find money to save is to focus more on your basic needs and dump much of your wants.

2. Gather knowledge about how to win at life.

There is so much to be learnt on the subjects of financial independence and personal development from a large quantity of books out there.

Study how to achieve more and become a successful person in your field.

Spend part of your time reading the books and listening to the podcasts of Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Napoleon Hill, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, John Maxwell and a lot more.

Back in Ghana and elsewhere in Africa, the ideas of Pastor Mensa Otabil, Matthew Ashimolowo, Yaw Perbi, and many other motivational speakers and writers will put you on a sound footing to face life after school with confidence.

One more thing.

Remember that those who win at life never stop learning. For them, lifelong learning is what makes them functional and relevant individuals in our world of constant change.

3. Develop self-reliance

The last time I checked, the myth that there is a “Father Christmas government” out there waiting patiently to give you a good job and provide all your earthly comforts as soon you step out of school was still what it has always been – a myth.

You will need to learn how to become self-reliant.

Find out how to become an entrepreneur. Begin taking the baby steps even now, to start a small business you can call your own.

Discover the joys of becoming your own boss, creating your own income and providing much-needed jobs for others.

4. Learn how to manage time effectively.

Cultivate the habit of managing your student time effectively.

This will certainly prepare you for the hustle and bustle waiting for you out there in the real world.

And remember, the efficient use of time has always made the difference between the winners and the losers.

5. Choose integrity.

Believe me, this is the best chance anyone can have to face life boldly; never looking over their shoulder to see if the law is about to catch up with them.

To me, a life of integrity has profound advantages as compared to the short-term perks associated with a life of lies, greed, bribery, and corruption.

All things being equal, character will enable you to have fulfilling relationships and also gain advantages you rightfully deserve.

You will wake up every morning, not afraid to face the day, but emboldened to work with all your might to impact your world.

6. Accept yourself

Do not be too quick to compare yourself to others even as a student.

Yes, you may have certain weaknesses and disadvantages. But that’s normal. Everyone else has their own.

So let yourself be.

Take inspiration from your strengths. If you haven’t yet tried to discover your strengths, begin to find out now. Because you have them.

Then focus on your strengths. Capitalize on your passions. And let them bring you the greatest results of your life.

These are the steps that will definitely prepare you for a fulfilling, less disappointing life when you are finally out of school.

Thank you!

Ralph spends his day working as an online entrepreneur and e-learning strategist. As a digital publishing trainer/consultant, he has developed exceptional skills in SEO-content writing. He writes extensively on lifelong learning and personal development issues. Ralph is the CEO of RN Digital Media Ent - a digital publishing & content marketing services platform he founded in 2017.

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