The Advantages of a Monarchical Form of Government

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There are many reasons a particular state may choose to operate a monarchical form of government.

In this tutorial, we are going to look at the advantages of a monarchical form of government that makes it appealing to some states.

Definition of a monarchical form of government

A monarchical form of government is the political arrangement in which the head of state or ceremonial head is not elected but becomes head of state and (in some cases) head of government by inheritance or heredity.

Such an individual is known as king or queen.

In a constitutional monarchy, a different person may act as head of government and is often known as prime minister.

Britain, Sweden, Canada and Japan are examples of a constitutional monarchy while Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Lesotho may be regarded as absolute monarchies.

Advantages of a monarchical form of gorvernment

Here are some of the best known advantages of a monarchical form of governments.

In fact, these advantages are the reasons many modern states continue to operate this form of government.

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1. The monarchy preserves the authentic cultural heritage of the people. It, thereby, maintains in the people a high sense of national pride and identity.

2. It promotes national unity. The monarch is a symbol of national unity to whom the people look up for leadership in times of crisis.

3. The monarchical form of government promotes political stability. This is because the rivalry and tensions associated with party politics in the republican system are absent in absolute monarchies.

4. It provides an opportunity for sustained and smooth national economic development. In absolute monarchies, in particular, there are no frequent changes in the political leadership of the state. The monarch’s tenure is for life.

5 . A further advantage of the monarchical form of government is that it tends to engender effective political administration.

The complete loyalty or reverence which the monarch enjoys from the people, coupled with the absence of an official opposition and open public criticism, gives the government the needed peace of mind to administer the affairs of the state effectively.

NOTE: The opposites to the points above are the disadvantages of the republican form of government.

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