Does Your Choice of NOV/DEC WASSCE Exam Centre Matter?

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What factors should determine a prospective candidate’s  choice of their NOV/DEC WASSCE exam centre? Are you still undecided as to which WAEC centre to select as the venue for your upcoming NOV/DEC?

The above questions bring forward a much bigger and fundamental question.

So let’s face this question.

Does your choice of centre for the next WAEC West African Senior School Certificate Examination for private candidates (WASSCE-PC) matter at all?

I’m about to tell you why your choice of centre for your upcoming WASSCE matters a lot … and why it does not, really.

No, I’m not here to confuse you. On the contrary, my objective is to help you make the right choice. I will explain myself and by the  time you finish reading this article, you will know exactly what to do.

In my candid opinion, a prospective WASSCE candidate’s choice of exam centre will only matter based on the below factors.

Ease of Access

It is most helpful to select your WASSCE for private candidates examination centre in an area that is relatively easy to reach with a vehicle or on foot. This is the reason why you may have to reconsider choosing a centre where traffic jams on the way are a 24/7 occurrence.

The same applies to areas where there are major road construction works going on. As for areas where your route of access has pot-holed roads with the potential of being flooded anytime, it is wise to avoid them.

The reason is that you cannot afford to allow any obstacle to prevent you from reaching your examination centre on time.


I am familiar with the situation where a student living in the Central Region of Ghana, for example, for some weird reason, will choose their WAEC/WASSCE examination centre in a distant place as far as the former Northern Region or Volta Region.

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Granted, there may be one or two valid reasons for this unusual choice. But, generally, I think the best choice should be a place closest to you.

I believe also that you do not want the emotional and physical stresses that come along with sitting for a crucial examination as WASSCE to be aggravated by the inevitable problems associated with travelling long distances to places you are not too familiar with.

Peace and Tranquility

No one in their right senses would love to sit for their NOV/DEC WASSCE right inside a war zone, for example.

Now, if the folks at WAEC decide to include a conflict-prone area on their list of centres, what should be the right thing you must do? Behave as if you didn’t see such a name! Period.

You need your limbs, your life and your peace of mind to achieve what you desire in that examination. So it matters to choose a peaceful environment as your NOV/DEC WASSCE examination centre.

Why It Does Not Matter Much

There are equally more compelling reasons why it does not matter where you choose as your WAEC private candidates examination centre. Let me explain.

Over here, I’m certainly looking at a very strange consideration. It is a factor that informs this all-important decision on the part of many prospective WAEC/WASCE for private candidates.

And here is this rather strange and totally unfounded consideration:

Some centres are traditionally too “difficult” while some are extremely “soft” for candidates who wish to cheat or engage in other forms of exam malpractice.

What a terrible and completely misguided impression to have!

I have an important message for you if you have been convinced into believing this falsehood.

It does not really matter where you choose to sit for your examination because of the following reasons:

The Test Papers or Questions Are the Same

The examination papers remain the same for all WAEC exam centres. Some centres will not get easier-to-answer questions while others are given tough elephant-skin questions.

The Rules Don’t Vary

The invigilators work under the same instructions which are guided by the WAEC rules and regulations.

It is funny to hear some potential WASSCE candidates debate over the issue that some centres are too “tough” while others are “manageable”. This is to say the latter condone all forms of examination malpractice and, for that matter, one will find things easier there.

So, definitely, one will get excellent results when one chose one of these so-called “soft spot” centres, right? WRONG!

If this were true, the number of WASSCE resitters every year would go down significantly. It is common knowledge  that lots of centres are cited for condoning cheating in both the school and private WASSCE each year.but a large number of candidates from those same centres perform poorly.

Consequently they go on to re-write their papers in subsequent years. That is if they are lucky enough to escape being banned for a number of years.

“Soft” WASSCE Centres Harm Candidates’s Interest

A centre that is known for aiding and abetting exam malpractices is not helping anybody – you included. The reason? Their actions invariably end up  creating serious problems for the candidate as well as all other stakeholders.

No, tell me seriously. How on earth will those candidates who are allowed to do whatever they wish use their time efficiently?

Tell me how many in that doomed rowdy and disorderly exam room can truly complete all they need to do before the time is up?

How will you feel on the day you begin to hear in the media that WAEC has withheld the results of candidates from centres notorious for promoting exam malpractices?

Why would you like to throw away your registration money and your future? Would you do that for the sake of cheating to get what you could have otherwise got very easily? Why?

Heed my advice.

Having guided thousands of WAEC/WASSCE private and school candidates to perform creditably over the years, I have come to the firm conclusion that it is not that difficult to study and obtain excellent grades in the WASSCE.

All it takes to pass well in the WASSCE is a reasonable level of commitment, self-discipline and hard word. It is something any individual who, in the first place, has the guts to register for the examination is capable of doing.

And,surely, with a little guidance from a place like, trust me, you will perform beyond your wildest imagination.

What should you do then?

Are you about to sit for your WASSCE as a private candidate?

I strongly advice you to choose a most convenient centre not based on the “traditional softness” of the invigilators over there but rather on such key factors as nearness, ease of access, peace and tranquility.

These are what will assist you to succeed.

Thank you.



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