October 19, 2020

The General Features of Pre-Colonial Ghanaian States

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This tutorial takes a quick look at the general features of pre-colonial Ghanaian states.

Your WASSCE/WAEC Government question on this topic may come in the form of the questions below.


Please Note:

The bullet points below must be expanded into paragraphs for an acceptable WAEC/WASSCE Government essay.

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Before the advent of colonial rule, Ghanaian chiefdoms or kingdoms had a well-organized system of political administration.

Mention could be made of the Akan, Mole-Dagbani, Anlo and Ga states.

Paramount chief/king

  • Head of all traditional rulers
  • Performed legislative executive and judicial functions e.g. law-maker, judge, commander-in-chief, administrator, religious leader etc.

Divisional or Sub-Chiefs

  • They ruled the sub-division of the kingdom
  • Directly came under paramount chief
  • Under the divisional chiefs were district rulers, village chiefs or headmen in that order

The pre-colonial Akan political system was therefore CENTRALIZED

The Queen mother

  • Mother of the maternal royal family
  • Nominated the successor to the chief when the seat became vacant.
  • Sat with chief in court
  • Had her own linguist and councilors
  • Could become paramount ruler when no successor was found immediately
  • Advisor to the chief and council of elders
  • Controller of women affairs
  • Could be deposed

Related question:

Outline the functions of the queen mother in the Akan political system.

OR: Describe the role of the queen mother in one pre-colonial Ghanaian political system.

The Linguist

  • Chief’s spokesman
  • Well-versed in oral tradition

Council of elders

  • Members were heads of families
  • Approved the nomination of chiefs
  • Advised the chief
  • Could destool the chief
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  • Youth groups made up of commoners
  • Performed para-military functions
  • Provided communal labour for the provision of social amenities


  • Presided over by the chief/king
  • Could use trial by ordeal.


  • Kept revenue from court fees, fines, sale of land, taxes etc

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