The Wonders of the Self-Help Miracle

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Self-help, to me, is simply the act of relying more on one’s own resources – mental, physical, emotional, material and spiritual – however inadequate, to attain one’s personal goals.

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What Self-Help is Not

When we talk of self-help, we are by no means talking of self-indulgence. Neither are we referring to the unwillingness on the part of the individual to seek and obtain or even accept a helping hand from elsewhere.


The self-help message is based on a simple fact of life as you and I have come to know – so painfully.

Now, here is the fact.

For the majority of the people of the world, it has always, throughout human history, been difficult to obtain the needed resources from external sources.

It will continue to be close to impossible for many people to find help from governments, relatives, friends, or even schools to assist them to also achieve whatever they desire out of life.

And this fact is never going to change.

But the self-made men who have gone ahead of us have shown, through the ages, that there is another fact of life. Miracles happen to those who refuse to allow lack, deprivation and scarcity to bury their dreams and make sure they get rotten under the earth.

The Miracle of Self-Help

Yes, it has been proven, time without number, that the greater number of great achievers have mostly come from poor and disadvantaged backgrounds.

How did they do it? It was through the application of the universal principles for success which form the basis of that miraculous thing called self-help.

It is a miracle for someone who was born poor, grew up in a poor neighbourhood, spent much of their early life in the dark alleys of a rural cottage, saw, smelt and experienced hunger and deprivation.

The self-help miracle happens to those who could not boast of attending the most prestigious institutions of learning in their country or elsewhere in the world. Nonetheless, they went ahead, brushing aside all these limitations to become shining stars in their families, communities, occupations, countries or on the global stage.

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It is indeed a miracle for so many to replicate the achievements of these shinning stars, in their own way, big or small, just by following the examples and teachings of these great warriors.

Economic and Social Upstarts

Yes, it will remain a miracle to the other multitudes that hear or read the stories that these “economic and social upstarts” have to tell but find so difficult to believe.

How could one just use their almost non-existent personal resources to achieve so much?

Is it really possible for one to just employ their seemingly insignificant personal assets to rise out of a family history of poverty, starvation and embarrassing deprivation to a better standard of living in one generation?

Wouldn’t that feat be only in the realm of the miraculous?

Believe: The Self-Help Miracle is Real.

Surely, it cannot be. But yes, it can be. You don’t need to believe in these stories in order to make them the reality that they always have been.

John Academy

Miracles happen. So, the self-support miracle has been busy happening for some. It will continue to happen to others who are willing to learn the lessons and apply the principles.

Would you allow this miracle to happen to you too?   

Thank you.

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