How to Register for Nov/Dec WASSCE in 2020

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There are just a few simple steps to take to register for Nov/Dec WASSCE in 2020 as a private candidate.

But before I take you through the steps you need to take to complete your Nov/Dec WASSCE registration as a private candidate, let’s find out what this WASSCE is all about.

What is WASSCE?

WASSCE stands for West African Senior School Certificate Examination.

It is an external examination conducted by the West African Examinations Council (WAEC).

WASSCE is for both regular Senior High School students who are in their final year and private candidates.

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The examination is currently conducted any time from July or August, through September to October each year.

The majority of WASSCE candidates come from the five WAEC-member countries namely Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and The Gambia.

The people who sit for the NOV/DEC WASSCE, as the private one is popularly called, come from a variety of backgrounds. And they choose to sit for the private WASSCE due to different reasons.

Characteristics of the Typical Nov/Dec WASSCE Candidate

Here are some of the characteristics shared by most private WASSCE candidates.

  • They want to obtain grades that will be better than the ones they obtained when they were school candidates.
  • Some want to dump their original High School course and try a different course.

The reasons for this are varied. But the commonest one is that they have come to realize that they do not possess the capability and passion to study that original course in the first place. A different course will therefore be a better choice.

  • There are some people who want to give themselves a second chance after dropping out of school unexpectedly.
  • Mature adults, some in their thirties, forties and beyond, also sit for the WASSCE.

These are experienced adults who have convinced themselves that this is their best step towards improving their current circumstances.

  • Young and ambitious Junior High School leavers who may, or may not, be holding any basic education certificate, are among the multitudes of private WASSCE candidates each year.

They are people who believe in their ability to do, in a matter of months or a couple of years, what others went through the three-year Senior High School programme to accomplish.

I am proud to say that I’ve been part of the remarkable success stories of scores of these wonderful individuals.

  • Expatriates and West Africans in the diaspora who, for one reason or the other, find the need to obtain a WASSCE certificate also register for WASSCE as private candidates.
  • Finally, former secondary school level students from French-speaking countries in West Africa form a sizeable percentage of private WASSCE candidates year in year out.

The key motivator here is that they wish to continue their education in Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, The Gambia or Liberia as a means to enhancing their career prospects in these countries.

I have personally taught, coached and mentored dozens of such ambitious youth from the Ivory Coast, Togo, Benin, Burkina Faso, Mali and others.

Roadmap to register for WASSCE for private candidates

It is likely that you fall within at least one of the above categories of aspiring WASSCE candidates.

If this is true, then you may be wondering how you too can register for WASSCE as a private candidate.

Well, like I said at the beginning, the process to register for WASSCE as a private candidate is quite simple and straightforward.

Here are the essential steps one should take to register for this WAEC examination.

Know the combination of subjects you wish to take.

Your choice of subjects or programme for the WASSCE for private candidates will depend on your interests, dreams and capabilities.

As for the number of subjects, WAEC actually allows private candidates to register for any number from a single subject up to eight subjects.

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Ascertain the official registration period.

For the WASSCE for private candidates, registration starts any time from January up to May/June each year. There could even be an extended, extra late registration period well into August.

Do your online biometric registration when the time comes.

It is possible to do this on your own if you have access to a personal computer/laptop and the internet.

A working printer is also necessary since you will be printing some important documents.

You can visit the WAEC website dedicated to WASSCE for private candidates to follow the instructions.

Another option is to hire the services of a local business whose work involves the registration of WAEC exam candidates. They can do the registration exercise on your behalf.

Where I live, there is a well-known service provider, Topman Book House, that assists students to register each each year.

NOTE: You are personally responsible for any action you take regarding the above information.

But make sure to verify their reputation and pedigree as far as this particular service is concerned.

Get everything right.

Below are some key points to guide you so you can get everything right.

  • Get a passport picture with a white background.
  • You must use a biometric scanner to take your fingerprint.
  • Then you will be asked to state your personal particulars such us gender, address, name, telephone number and date of birth
  • By now, you should know your preferred examination centre.

I mean the name of the town, city or locality. As for a specific centre (be it an auditorium, school, community centre and so on) the choice rests with WAEC.

They will communicate that to you before the exam officially begins.

No place to fill in your educational background

Please, note that you will not be asked to state the schools you once attended. Neither will anyone ask you to provide the level of education you have already attained.

Even if you have never been to any formal school before (but still believe you are capable of sitting for the WASSCE) you are as qualified to do so just as the other person who once attended or is attending Senior High School or any other school.

Who knows, you might have home-schooled yourself or simply did private studies.

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You must also state the particular subjects you wish to enter for the examination.

  • You will get an invoice as soon as you completed your online biometric registration.

The exact amount required of you to pay as entry or registration fee is on this invoice. You must print this, go to a WAEC-designated bank to make your payment.

Importance of the invoice number

Do not forget this: the invoice number is a vital piece of data that you must key in to access both your index number and admission notice weeks or days before the exam starts.

Pay your registration fee

It is allowed to either make your payment in person or send someone that you trust to do so on your behalf. The choice is entirely yours.

But remember, you will take personal responsibility for anything that happens to your money.

Your registration is complete as soon as you paid in your entry fee. Do not forget to take a receipt to that effect from the bank.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure to keep in a secure place all documents you will receive during the NOV/DEC WASSCE registration process.

Trust me,you will definitely need them later. Sometimes, years later.

What Next?

Now you can settle down and intensify your preparations for the examination. This will, of course, include your studies.

The complete international Time Table for the NOV/DEC WASSCE (and for the year in question) will be available on this WAEC/WASSCE for private candidates registration website.

I seriously think that you should download and possibly print this WASSCE Time Table. Study it thoroughly. It will guide your preparations, moving forward.

Even if you have never been to any formal school before (but still believe you are capable of sitting for the private WASSCE) you are as qualified to do so just as the other person who once attended or is attending Senior High… Click To Tweet

Admission Notice, Exam Centre and Index Number

Weeks or days before the NOV/DEC WASSCE begins, you will receive an admission notice from the authorities at the West African Examinations Council.

Instantly check the Nigerian Naira (NGN) equivalent of the Ghana Cedi (GHS). And other world currencies too!

It will be made available on the WAEC website for you to print a hard copy. On this very important documents are the following.

  • Your index number
  • Specific examination centre(s).

Example, Swedru School of Business, Agona Swedru, Labone Senior High School, Accra, St Augustine’s College, Cape Coast, and so on.

Note that it is entirely possible for WAEC to have the centres for your subjects scattered across two or more locations.

This is particularly the case where you chose a city or a big town as your centre.

  • A complete list of all subjects registered.
  • Specific date and time for each subject registered.

You will be told to send your printed admission notice to the exam centre for verification purposes each time you go to write one of your papers.

And, please, I will strongly advise that you obey this simple instruction to save yourself from any uncomfortable situation.

Notice Regarding Practical Subjects

If you registered any number of NOV/DEC WASSCE subjects involving practical or project work, you will receive, days or weeks prior to the test, a text message telling you exactly what to do and where to report to for that particular exercise.

And that is it.

So now you know.

You finally know all the steps to take to register for the WASSCE for private candidates in Ghana and elsewhere in West Africa or even beyond.

I urge you to move with confidence to register for the NOV/DEC WASSCE. Otherwise, you can assist your relative or friend to do so when the time comes.

FYI: It is possible I might have missed an equally important bit of information in this article. Kindly draw my attention to it in a comment.

Do you have any unanswered questions about the WASSCE for school or private candidates? Please let me know.

Thank you.

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