The Panic of Growing Older

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Here is the full text of the poem The Panic of Growing Older by the Gambian poet, Lenrie Peters.


Stanza One

The panic

of growing older

spreads fluttering winds

from year to year

Stanza Two

At twenty

stilled by hope

of gigantic success

time and exploration

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Stanza Three

At thirty

a sudden throb of

pain laboratory tests

have nothing to show

Stanza Four

Legs cribbed

in domesticity allow

no sudden leaps

at the noon now

Stanza Five

Copybook bisected

with red ink

and failures –

nothing to show the world

Stanza Six

Three children perhaps

the world expects

it of you. No

specialist’s effort there

Stanza Seven

But science gives hope

of twice three score

and ten. Hope

is not a grain of sand

Stanza Eight

Inner satisfaction

dwindles in sharp

blades of expectation.

From now on the world has you.

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