October 20, 2020

5 Strategies to Motivate Yourself to Keep Learning

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It is possible to motivate yourself to learn more in spite the common difficulties that confront the average student.

Never assume for a second that you are the only person who occasionally runs low on gas when it comes to studying an academic subject.

There are many out there who struggle to cope with their studies. These could be either private do-it-yourself learners or students in a class of many others.

So there is no need to go chasing after medicine men and spiritualists.

You can personally motivate yourself to study if ever you fail to concentrate on your studies the way you would have wished.

There is hope for you.

Unless you’re clinically diagnosed to be deficient in learning capabilities, there is certainly hope for you.

History tells us that these prognostications could even be flawed sometimes.

Remember the remarkable stories of Albert Einstein and others? This is why I will impress upon you not to give up on yourself even if others have.

Here come 5 common factors which make us lose interest in learning.

You will also find my recommended strategies to motivate yourself to cope with your studies.

Had they not worked for others, I wouldn’t have recommended them to you.

Keep that in mind always.

1. You don’t seem to understand anything

So you want to give up so easily? No, please, don’t do that. Learn how to study most effectively instead.

The boogey subject which comes to mind for many learners is almighty Mathematics.

It is possible that you’re using the wrong approach in trying to study the subject.

It is also entirely possible that your teacher is not helping matters with his or her ineffectual teaching methodology.

So don’t beat yourself up or curse the day the subject was created. I strongly recommend you begin to devise your own independent learning strategy.

It’ll help you a lot if you will include in this strategy a conscious effort to understand rather than memorize facts or formulae.

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The more you understand something in your own special way, the easier it gets to answer any questions concerning it.

2. You easily forget almost everything you spent time learning.

To deal with this embarrassing problem, get rid of the fear of not remembering first.

Get positive a bit. Stop being anxious about your mental capabilities.

Sometimes this is all that it takes to begin to shock yourself and others with your new super-charged abilities.

3. You don’t know where to start from.

Yes! The sheer volume of the notes keeps scaring the daylight out of you!

Stop the habit of trying to learn it all at once and as quickly as possible.

Give yourself a small and manageable learning goal, one at a time.

It could be a tiny objective regarding a particular concept. When you finish grasping that concept fully, you can decide to move on to a different concept or assignment.

Just remember that even an A-grade student may not have known or understood all the subjects or topics.

They were only smart enough to start studying well in advance.

In fact, they did so patiently and deliberately, topic after topic, precept upon precept, over a specific period of time.

4. You begin to sleep as soon as you take a book to study.

This problem can make you appear as if you’re not serious with your studies. Apart from looking for some kind of medical advice, you can do something practical to keep it under control.

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Stand up and learn. Yes, don’t sit or lie down while you are about to study.

Walk around, jump often and sing to yourself.

These learning antics may let others think that you can’t be serious but only you know what you’re doing.

5. You feel left behind by your colleagues.

Don’t ever force yourself to catch up. It will only sap your energy.

Rather, endeavour to use your own strategy to motivate yourself. Then continue to improve, day after day, and month after month.

Remember, the essence of learning is not to compete and beat others. It is to imbibe new knowledge that will transform our lives and make us better human beings than we were the day before.

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