Top 25 Habits of Serial Achievers

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Serial achievers may differ in personality or disposition. But there are certain characteristics that they invariably share.

Do you want to become a serial achiever?

Today, you’re going to learn the attributes that anyone who wishes to keep achieving one personal goal after another must possess.

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What is success to you?

Too many people are quick to associate “success” with fantastic images of opulence, which is quite wrong. Success is relative. I believe that it has something to do with being able to accomplish a task, a goal or a personal dream – big or small.

This explains why I feel more at home with its synonym, achievement. It is clear and direct. Can you see my point?

You become an achiever (or a successful person) if you’re able to set a worthy goal and work to make it a reality. So anybody from any social or economic background is capable of achievement in their own special way.

Many winners, too many losers

While our world is filled with lots of people who make achievement look much like a very easy thing to do, there are many more billions who struggle to move from one stage in their life to the next.

The difference lies in the traits that need to be acquired or developed to enable one to achieve one’s goals without much difficulty.

I’m putting before you a list of 25 traits of serial achievers so that you too can cultivate them as you make the effort to become a better, wealthier or healthier person.

Now here we go.

1. Serial achievers have a strong desire to win.

This is what makes them very ambitious human beings. Instead of contemplating failure as the majority of us are prone to do, serial achievers focus on winning, come what may.

2. They pursue excellence.

Serial achievers have very little patience for mediocrity. This sets them apart from the crowd.

No wonder, they frequently clash with too many people who are comfortable with being just average.

3. Serial achievers don’t quit easily.

They persevere and are extraordinarily persistent. In fact, the typical winner is the one who does not capitulate when the going gets tough.

They are able to do so simply because they are keenly aware of the fact that failure is only temporary. It prepares those who refuse to give up for massive achievement.

4. Achievers are selfless.

Most people who work hard to achieve more have a higher mission for doing so. They are not that self-serving like the rest of us.

In many cases, achievers go after dreams, not because of selfish motives but because they want to make life better and easier for others.

This is why Nature itself continues to bless them with unending victory after victory.

5. Every serial achiever is a dreamer.

Serial achievers are able to visualize things before they are created. They have this rare attribute of imagining the unseeable or the seemingly impossible.

They have this abiding faith in the possibility of what most will consider stupid or unrealistic dreams. So they set themselves to work to bring them to fruition.

High achievers go by the idea aptly conveyed one of the quotes from Nelson Mandela:

It is always impossible until it is done.

6. Serial achievers are self – motivated.

That’s really good for them. Do you know why?

It is because the world around them is overflowing with multitudes of naysayers who never stop poisoning the atmosphere with so much negativity.

Every achiever of anything worthwhile would have resisted lots of discouragement along the way.

7. Achievers are focused.

They don’t allow anything or anybody to take their mind off their dream target.

8. Serial achievers are stress-takers.

Achievers have this quality of getting excited about moderately stressful situations. Thus, they are able to work with extremely difficult people and situations until they get what they want.

9. They value information.

No achiever likes to grope in the dark. Ask any serial achiever and they’ll tell you that prompt, accurate and reliable information is the gas that fuels their engine of growth.

10. Achievers love hard work.

They enjoy paying the price.

Achievers, unlike the overwhelming majority of people, love to exert themselves. They are not afraid to apply all their time and energy to achieve their heart’s desire.

11. They look for opportunities.

Achievers are always in search of new opportunities, even in the most unthinkable of places. So, where others may see impossibilities, achievers see possibilities.

12. They learn how to make things happen.

Almost every high achiever is an avid learner. Scarcely are they know-it-alls.

They learn from all situations and from all manner of people. When it comes to identifying where to learn more effective methods, discover new ideas or gain deeper insights, the typical achiever does not discriminate.

13. They constantly take stock and reflect.

This is because the achiever is acutely aware of the fact that they are not infallible. They believe in the maxim that there is always room for improvement in every aspect of life.

Achievers live by this statement by Plato, one of the most prominent ancient Greek philosophers:

An unexamined life is not worth living.

14. Achievers work according to a plan.

Ask every serial achiever and they will tell you they detest chaos and disorder so they don’t act haphazardly.

The real achievers, after coming up with a dream, are certain to draw a plan of action. In it are the essential steps that need to be taken to arrive at the desired destination.

15. Serial achievers use time efficiently.

Idle talk and other time-wasting habits are alien to achievement. Every achiever is aware of this truth so they manage their time in ways that can only bring out the best results.

16. They take responsibility for whatever happens to them.

Achievers hate playing the blame game.

Achievers hate playing the blame game. Click To Tweet

They don’t shy away from holding themselves responsible for their circumstances. This makes it easier for them to find a solution to any problem they may encounter.

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17. They insist on their non-negotiables.

Achievers live by the saying that if you do not know where you’re going, other people will take you to where they are going.

In other words, achievers have certain unshakable core principles and values. Luckily for them, people destined for success do not allow others to impose their preferred priorities on them.

18. Achievers are flexible.

When it comes to adaptation, every achiever is a maestro. They are constantly evaluating events and circumstances to find out ways of doing things differently and more efficiently.

19. Serial achievers refuse to take “no” for an answer.

When the world says no, the achiever says yes. You are therefore likely to hear others criticize this highly ambitious breed for being too stubborn.

20. Achievers are future – oriented.

They always take the long view. They may live in the present moment with us all; but at the same time, they are secretly thinking about how to make the present moment affect the future positively.

21. Achievers look for solutions to problems.

While the majority will only sit down, complain and look for scapegoats any time a problem crops up, the achievers use their time to think hard about creative ways to solve a problem.

22. They are self – reliant.

Every high achiever is an individual who believes in their own ability to improve their circumstances.

Achievers go after dreams, not because of selfish motives, but because they want to make life better and easier for others. Click To Tweet

They hate to wait for some rich relative or government to come and rescue them from a bad situation.

23. Achievers are not wasteful.

They know how to conserve scarce resources. Serial achievers are extremely good at prudently managing their financial and material resources for results that tend to astound the average onlooker.

24. They are trustworthy.

That is how they manage to build goodwill so easily in their business and personal relationships. They utilize the capital derived from this goodwill to keep growing stronger and better than their colleagues.

25. They are never scared of standing alone.

Why? Because they know that, in the long run, their fortitude and integrity will pay high dividends to the admiration of all, including those who once despised them.

To become a serial achiever

Are you willing to work to become a serial achiever or a successful person in your field? You will go very far with your ambition if you cultivate the above attributes of all great achievers.

Thank you.

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