Top 4 Reasons to Go Back to School

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I honestly believe everybody should go back to school months or years after dropping out. The incident that led to one dropping out of school notwithstanding.

It may be due to an accidental pregnancy that you were either responsible for (if you’re a male) or one that happened to you as a young woman.

Sometimes too, people drop out of school due to financial difficulties or dismissal resulting from a disciplinary incident.

Accidental pregnancy while in school

What I call accidental pregnancy is the one that you never prepared nor budgeted for while you’re still in school. It could be Junior High or Senior High School.

So it came and, fortunately, without any hitch, you added at least one more little life to the billions on mother planet earth. Congratulations!

No use crying over spilt milk

So you got pregnant or got someone pregnant while in school and had a baby. And so you had to step out of school prematurely to do that. And so what?

Not a big deal, really. You don’t believe me? Hey, listen to me. What has never happened in this world before?

Please don’t be stupid enough to think that you are the one who brought student-uniform pregnancy into the world.

Millions, maybe billions, did it before you. So you’re not a pioneer school stepout. Forgive me; I don’t like using dropout with all those negative connotations.

Really, it’s no big deal

Have we now agreed that, though a regrettable mistake, it is no big deal to give birth in your student years? Okay, fine.

Then we can agree as well that it’s no small a step to take to go back to resume your studies.

Personally, I’ve had the honour of mentoring many young people to pursue their educational and career dreams even after stepping out of school for a variety of reasons.

I have a remedial course in place, even right now, to assist you to obtain a qualification long after you stepped out of the classroom due to unfortunate factors like accidental pregnancy.

But you may prefer to look elsewhere for assistance to put your educational dreams back on track. That’s good enough! Go ahead, do your best and become the best version of you.

To go or not to go back to school

However, you may be finding it difficult to take a decision to go back to school or not to go back. This one is not good enough. Somebody said somewhere that indecision is worse than wrong decision.

This is why I’m writing this post to motivate you to decide to go back to school now.

Please note this.

Going back to school today is not the same as it once used to be. It is no longer about compulsorily enrolling to study in an established formal learning environment.

Neither does it mean leaving the comfort of your home to go and hand in yourself to be put behind the iron bars of physical structures – I mean classrooms. God forbid!

In today’s digital world, much of the learning and knowledge acquisition is taking place on the internet. Online learning is the new kid on the block. It is offering lifelong learning opportunities that keep producing staggering results for students, parents and teachers alike.

Homeschooling for self-improvement

So if you don’t wish to follow the archaic method of searching for and acquiring knowledge and relevant skills within the four walls of a classroom, you can easily live your dream by homeschooling yourself.

Private study – undergoing mentoring with someone you know and trust, or doing some research for a course or subject – has become so easy and cost-effective that many are beginning to see its usefulness.

Apart from the ease with which you can still obtain your academic qualification through private studies after that unfortunate incident, there are other compelling reasons why you must never hesitate to go back to school.

Here are the reasons why you need to begin learning again months or years after you gave birth while a student.

1. You need to give your child a solid foundation

With better education and qualification, you will stand a better chance of making sure that your child escape your experience when they grow up.

Who doesn’t wish for their child to have a solid foundation for their future? Almost everyone does, right? And since that includes you, the best decision you can take for the benefit of your baby girl or boy is to commit to going back to where you left off with your studies.

2. The birth was never the death of your dream.

Our dreams and ambitions are borne out of our God-given talents.

Our dreams and ambitions are borne out of our God-given talents. Click To Tweet

You will hardly dream seriously about becoming a pilot if you were not born with the ability to resist and overcome the fear of heights.

Flying high up there in the skies, for example, has been your childhood ambition for a reason. It is because the Creator has gifted you with those capabilities needed to achieve that.

And I can assure you that, pregnancy or no pregnancy, that dream will keep knocking. It will remain restless, inside you, if you fail to do something about it.

There are thousands of examples of people who brushed aside seeming setbacks early in their lives to go on and achieve their personal dreams. So you too can. That incident in your life must not stop you.

So far as you remain alive, you still have a fighting chance to achieve your dream.  

So far as you remain alive, you still have a fighting chance to achieve your dream.   Click To Tweet

3. Your personal value remains the same.

Let no one deceive you. Nothing has really changed about you after that pregnancy and childbirth.

You remain the same individual with those same inborn talents and potential. If anything at all, you’ve just gone a step higher with your level of maturity.

How to Get Your WASSCE Certificate Without Attending Senior High School

And trust me, maturity and the wealth of experience that comes with it tend to impact positively on academic performance. I have seen this happen to many of those I coach and mentor.

Becoming a more mature individual will, in a way, help you to handle those stubborn academic subjects and topics with greater ease.

4. You have to prove your detractors wrong

Yes, you must!

You owe it a duty, both to yourself and to your parents, to re-energize yourself and get back fighting to claim the victory that rightly belongs to you. Let not the naysayers discourage you. And do not allow those who are happy at your perceived downfall have the last laugh. Because that is the sweetest and it belongs to only you.

Refuse to allow discouragement and despondency to ruin your bright future and destroy you. Motivate yourself with the idea that you need to put a smile back on the faces of those who once trusted in you but got disappointed when things went wrong. They too deserve it.

You know why? Because they were the ones who invested their all in you right from birth.

How to go back to school

There are many ways to go back to study for a dream qualification and career. That is even after such setbacks as unplanned pregnancy and childbirth.

You may decide to go back to traditional school, full time, or undertake private studies.

For many people who find themselves in this condition, private learning is a better option.

CegastAcademy, for example, is a platform you can use to relaunch your quest for academic glory and career development.

When you become a registered member of CegastAcademy, you will have access to premium ecourses, ebooks, private study tips and one-on-one test prep coaching.

You can study for the school or private WASSCE right in the comfort of your home. You will go ahead to achieve the kind of results you truly love.

Thank you.

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