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5 Steps to Choosing a School for Quality Basic Education for Your Child

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Are you a parent with a child ready for preschool? Maybe your child or that very young person under your care is already in school. They may even have passed through the preschool stage to the lower or upper primary stage.

If the above scenarios sound familiar to you, then you may be a very anxious parent or adult still looking for the best form of education for your baby girl or boy, so to speak.

Parents of preschool and primary school children across the globe experience at least one of the below anxious moments.

  • Which school is the best for my child?
  • Should I save cost by sending my child to a relatively low cost school or I should join the elite bandwagon?
  • Can my child current school give my child the right kind of academic foundation?
  • Are schools with very large numbers better than those with relatively smaller numbers?
  • How do I know if I’m not being deceived by schools that get their numbers only by putting others down?
  • Is there anything worthwhile to gain by changing my child’s school almost every term or year?
  • Should I copy blindly what other parents are doing for their own children?

The above and many others are critical questions that you as a parent need to deal with. Acting on the right answers will definitely prepare a solid foundation for your child’s further education. Acting on the wrong answers to these questions may make you feel good now but it could lead to unforeseen problems for your child in the near future.

Note that education is a lifelong experience. This is why you need to use your head amidst all the noise. Choose the school you honestly believe is the right one for your child.

Never let false considerations make you make any fanciful but wrong move today. You may regret that action later. Or your child will live to bear the consequences as they climb higher on the educational ladder.

Here are five simple steps you need to take to set your child on the right road to academic and career success in the future.

  • Save cost by choosing a school nearer home for your child.
  • Refuse to send a child to an expensive school just because you think expensive means excellent. The truth is it often doesn’t.
  • Be your own advisor in these matters. Remember an empty barrel makes the most noise.
  • Never judge a school’s quality based on its number on roll.
  • Dig deep into the educational and academic background of the managers of a school. It can be fatal to allow outward appearances to becloud your judgement.

DISCLOSURE: This post contains affiliate links.

Click here to read the full statement of our affiliate disclaimer.

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