How to Get Your WASSCE Certificate Without Attending Senior High School

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So you want to get your own WASSCE certificate to enable you to move forward in life, right? But there is something holding you back.

Your never went to or completed senior high school.

Now the problem is you don’t actually know what to do to go round this obstacle and get your WASSCE certificate.

Could it be a different form of handicap?

It could be any one or more of the common handicaps that all adults interested in improving their academic qualification face every day.

How to Get Your WASSCE Certificate Without Attending Senior High School

Does any of the below handicaps sound like you?

  • You have never been to Senior High School before.
  • Something keeps telling you age is no longer on your side – that you’re too old. Dinosaur!
  • You dropped out of school – primary, junior high school, middle school, vocational/technical school, or senior high school.
  • Maybe you only attended a different kind of school where WASSCE subjects were not part of the curriculum (example: vocational, technical, agricultural or pastoral school).
  • Or you completed Senior High School *thousands* of years ago. And your grades were so poor you lost interest in academic work until this time.
  • Back in senior high school, you studied a course you didn’t like. Then your results reflected it – simply embarrassing! You didn’t even bother to ask your former school or WAEC for that certificate.
  • The only education you had took place in a French-speaking country.

If yes, then my guess is you’re wondering if you could still do some magic and get your WASSCE certificate. I know; because you have come here to read this post with all your senses – plus the sixth one.

I have good news for you.

It is possible to get a WASSCE certificate at any moment in your life.

Here then comes the million-dollar question. Is it possible for someone in your position to go on and perform this “miracle”?

The simple, no-beating-about-the-bush answer is YES IT IS POSSIBLE. In fact, the only person stopping you right now to go ahead and get your WASSCE qualification is you.

I therefore urge you to stop the doubts. Go ahead and perform your miracle.

You are not alone.

There are millions of adults in their late 20s or 30s upwards in West Africa who couldn’t attend or complete Senior High School (SHS). You are just one of these ambitious individuals who constantly dream of acquiring the all – important WASSCE certificate. This is to enable them to further their education for a better future.

I’m referring to nationals or residents of the five English – speaking countries in West Africa namely,

  • The Gambia
  • Ghana
  • Liberia
  • Nigeria and
  • Sierra Leone

I have actually coached other guys from neighbouring French-speaking countries to get their WASSCE certificate. I’m referring to very disciplined and extremely focused individuals here. These were people who got all their previous education from Togo, Ivory Coast, Benin and the like.

Stop listening to the naysayers.

Sadly, there are many out there who will tell you that it is not going to be easy for you to sit for and pass WASSCE without having gone through the formal SHS system. They may even discourage you to forget it since it is NEVER possible to do so.

Well … the naysayers are COMPLETELY WRONG. Yes, you heard me right. Either they are ignorant about the whole thing or they’re simply throwing dust into your eyes.

The truth is you can study on your own, sit for the private West African Senior School Examination (popularly called Nov/Dec WASSCE in Ghana) and come out with flying colours.

Below, I have taken my time to take you through the necessary steps that you need to take to achieve your cherished dream of acquiring the WASSCE certificate.

Before we continue …

What I’m going to tell you has got nothing to do with fast, easy and dubious ways of acquiring a fake certificate. Because such a manufactured certificate will never take you far.

I can assure you that the universities in Ghana will find you out sooner than later if you use fraudulent means to gain admission to any of their faculties.

I’ve always believed in working hard to earn my little glories so that’s what I preach to my students and clients. I hope you understand.

Let’s move on.

Now if you’re on the same level with me, then let’s move forward. I want you to discover my simple steps regarding how to obtain your WASSCE certificate without having to set your foot in any SHS classroom.

1. You need to have at least upper primary education

All you need for starters is some background in formal education; preferably from primary 6 to Junior High School level.

To register as a private candidate for WASSCE, you do not even need a BECE qualification/certificate to qualify you to do so.

The only reason it is necessary for you to have a previous reasonable taste of formal education is to enable you to feel at home with your studies as an adult learner. You definitely need to be able to read and write. So even this is only my expert opinion. It is never compulsory!

2. You need a huge dose of self – motivation and self – discipline.

Please if you cannot motivate yourself enough to study diligently then I can assure you that you will end up proving the naysayers right. Like everything else worth-pursuing, making preparations for the WASSCE can be very demanding.

No, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying it is not possible. It is. It can even be a lot of fun if only you discipline yourself and keep to your study schedule.

I have guided scores of adult beginners like you to successfully go through this experience. So I’m pretty certain about what I’m telling you.

3. Choose the right course/program for you.

I am a General Arts/Humanities/Liiberal Arts person. Therefore it shouldn’t surprise you if I ask you to choose the elective General Arts course. Subjects like Government, Economics, Literature-in-English, Religious Studies, History, Geography and any eligible local language will do just fine.

But remember this one one thing. The best move is to choose a course where your natural abilities and passion lie. It will allow you to maximize your performance.

Let NO ONE decide for you on this important step. If your instincts tell you, and you can convince yourself, that you will find it easier and more personally fulfilling studying Business Accounting, General Science, Vocational or  Business Secretarial then that’s the way you must go.

And remember, in today’s world, there are mouth-watering career opportunities out there waiting for everyone. They only need to study well any course they truly love and for which they have a natural ability.

4. Assemble all the necessary study materials.

As a private adult learner, you will need to do a lot of research. Look for people who can give you the right answers. Find the textbooks to use for your studies, the syllabuses to acquire and the past questions to examine critically.

Thankfully, there are online WASSCE resources you can obtain if only you make the right searches. Make good use of such search engines as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

5. Begin your studies early to get that WASSCE certificate.

It is advisable to set a target study and preparation period of at least 18 months for yourself. This is important if your formal education experience stopped anywhere before the final year of Junior High School.

I am very conscious of the fact that not all are talented fast learners. We have people who are slow or average learners. My prescriptions are therefore aimed at both the average and fast learner.

If you happen to be an extremely slow learner, then probably, you will have to consider a non-academic pursuit. You definitely should have a hidden talent that is equally useful. You only have to discover it and begin to do wonders with it.

Not every individual is wired for academic work. And, trust me, academic qualification has never been the only route to success in life. I think you will agree with me on this one.

6. Only good private tutors can coach you to get the WASSCE certificate.

It is good to have a private tutor or two who can mentor you and show you the way.

Yes, there are a few rare individuals who are able to go solo and study completely on their own. This is what I did many years ago. However, I believe that the majority of beginner adult learners need to get good dedicated tutors to guide them.

A note of warning. Do not judge the quality or otherwise of any private tutor by the level of fees they charge. Likewise do not let the appearance of the study premises they provide fool you. You could end up paying a fortune for fanciful trash!

Look out for these attributes in your tutors

It is great if your tutors have the following attributes:

  • They are punctual and spend time profitably
  • They do not turn the lesson into a partisan political indoctrination session. This behaviour, unfortunately, is very common.
  • They give regular assignments and mark them promptly
  • They display adequate knowledge of their subject. Their paper qualification alone should not deceive you.
  • They treat you with respect and patiently teach to your understanding.
  • They encourage you rather than discourage or put fear in you. There is nothing to fear about an examination if you prepare well. So never allow any tutor to dampen your spirit with negative talk.

7. Register as a private WASSCE candidate.

The WAEC Nov/Dec WASSCE registration usually begins by the middle of January or February each year. It lasts till around the end of April. There is also a late registration period of one additional month. But as for this one you must pay a hefty penalty for the sin of registering late!

These days, there is even an extra late Nov/Dec WASSCE registration period from in July/August.

Are you in Ghana? You can get familiar with the WASSCE for private candidates registration process here.

Now that your registration is over, you can focus on your studies. Make sure to prepare properly, never taking anything for granted.

Final word

Please remember this. WAEC will not ask you to show any academic qualification to enable you to register for the private WASSCE. If only you think you’re capable of going through with this, they will allow you to go ahead.

I intend to say more about the registration process in other posts on this site. In addition to that, you will have further guidelines about the proper preparation for the WAEC WASSCE.

So there you have it! You too or that person you know can obtain WASSCE qualification despite the fact that you didn’t attend or couldn’t complete SHS.

Do you want to study and perform brilliantly in your coming NOV/DEC WASSCE? You can take advantage of the super-useful premium tutorials and other resources on this site.

So what do you think? Join the conversation by leaving a comment below.

Thank you.

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