7 Questions to Help You Choose Self-Employment

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These days, more than ever before, many people are trying to find out if they should choose self-employment.

If you are one such individual, then there is something extremely important for you in this post to help you take that decision once and for all.

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Is self-employment the right choice for me? How do I know if I truly have the qualities to succeed should I choose self-employment as a career path?

Are questions of this nature coming to your mind of late? Are you considering becoming your own boss?

Choose self-employment and you will have chosen to be an entrepreneur.

More often that not, the choice to become self-employed rather than work for someone else, also means the choice to become an entrepreneur. This is explained by the fact that most self-employed persons are small business owners who take risks and make decisions to ensure the success of their startups.


That is why anyone who wants to become self-employed seriously needs to ask whether they have what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Are you considering becoming your own boss but don’t know whether you will succeed once you step out?

I think answering the following questions can help you to make that final decision.

1. Do you feel comfortable taking calculated risks?

Taking moderate risks is an important aspect of entrepreneurship.

In many cases, you cannot see clearly the whole staircase but you will need to take the first step hoping that things would turn out right.


2. Can you defy signs of discouragement after you decided to choose self-employment?

Self-employment is never an easy road to travel. It is one career choice plagued with countless setbacks.

Things would not go the way you want and you’ll need to fight on in spite of the difficulties. Are you a fighter? Do you know how to stick to it and persist? Do you quit easily at the least point of resistance?

Your answer should enable you to make the right decision.

All I can tell you that it is only those who can rise up to the challenge, never giving up when the going gets tough, that always win at the end of the day.

3. Are you self-disciplined?

Self-discipline or self-leadership is another key requirement for success in entrepreneurship.

To become a successful blogger, freelancer or online publisher, for example, you need loads of self-discipline.

Now, no one will be there to force you to do what you wouldn’t feel like doing. What I mean is you must be disciplined enough to move and act even if you don’t feel like it. This is the only way you can make any headway as a self-employed person.

4. Can you manage your time effectively when you become self-employed?

The reason is that having chosen to become self-employed, you will no longer be under any obligation to wake up and go to work at a particular time. Henceforth, no one will have the right to tell you to close only when the official closing time is up.

You are free to please yourself in these matters. Therefore, it is only when you can take personal responsibility and make effective use of your time regarding your business that you can move forward.

Otherwise, you’ll waste your days, weeks, months and years. And, surely, your failure to utilize your time efficiently will cause your enterprise to collapse in no time.

5. Are you able to honour your commitments?

Customers or clients are the lifeblood of every micro-enterprise. Without them, forget about cash flow, revenue, and profit.

So when you become self-employed, you must act in ways that will keep your customers coming back.

One such way is to satisfy their needs and earn their trust by doing what you promise them you will do. There are some key areas in self-employment where this quality is vital. A quick example I can give you is blogging or digital publishing or simply working as a freelancer.

6. Do you have a clear vision for the future?

As an entrepreneur, you will need to see with your mind what others cannot believe just because they cannot see it with their naked eyes. You must take an intangible idea, believe in its possibilities and devise a workable strategy to bring it to reality.

To be frank with you, this is not as easy as it sounds. Being a visionary and being disciplined enough to remain committed to your vision is tough. There will be thousands of followers who will never see it the way you do. But somehow, you must keep the vision anyway.

This is the only way to succeed once you choose to become self-employed.

7. Are you willing to delegate?

Success in self-employment is easier when one is able to let others bring their talents on board and help push the business forward. Even solopreneurs would readily admit that once in a while they employ the services of others.

No one human being can do everything. Effective management calls for delegation of duties.

But let me warn you. Many of your subordinates could turn out to be your worst nightmare.

At the initial stages of my journey, I met and worked with some wonderful human beings. I must confess to you that personally, I’m quite a difficult person to work with. I think it is just because I am driven, passionate and uncompromising when it comes to my values.

But those people assisted me to achieve so much. And then the negative people started coming. Usually, they are the type that would wait for others to prepare the meal for them to come and enjoy and finish it all. So they helped to make things become difficult for me.

Negative people

I’ve been saved too much of this kind of trouble because I know how to get rid of vermin! But what happens when negative folk start appearing from your own backyard?

This is why you must choose, with great care, the kind of people you surround yourself with.

These are the foremost questions that anyone who wishes to choose self-employment must consider seriously before taking that leap of destiny.

Would you love to become your own boss? There are many self-discipline and self-employment resources you can find on this site to make your journey an enjoyable and a most fulfilling one.

I wish you good luck.

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