5 Benefits of a Minimalist Lifestyle

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Anyone who adopts a minimalist lifestyle is the one who demands the best out of life by abandoning those things which, rather than make life enjoyable and fulfilling, make it irksome and miserable.

Today, a great number of people are coming to terms with the problems that arise out of the tendency to accumulate lots of things. We are beginning to appreciate the rewards that come along with living on less stuff and working to improve the lives of the less fortunate in societies farther away from, or very close to us.

One helpful reminder, though: minimalism isn’t about being cheap or sacrificing one’s basic comforts for the sake of living up to the dictates of some idealistic goal. Far from it. It is simply a lifestyle choice underpinned by the desire to cut down on the number of our possessions and commitments. We want to choose to live simply and on intention.

You don’t want to continue being part of the dizzying rat – race of twenty-first-century consumerism. So you declutter, you give away those things without which you can still lead a normal, satisfying life, or you simply stop forcing yourself to keep up with the Joneses.

Here are five extraordinary beneficial results when you finally decide to get rid of all, or at least most, of the extras in your life.

1. Emotional stability results from a minimalist lifestyle

This is one important benefit of getting rid of the excess in your life. You will suddenly experience this liberating feeling of lightness. Many of the anxieties will be gone and you will become a newer and freer being.

2. Better focus on the things that you care about.

You can now have more time to devote to those dreams and passions that your gut keeps telling you will make your life a better and happier one but which your previously burdened life could not accommodate.

Personally, I am now able to find the time to devote to the love of my life, writing, because it got to a point when I chose to stop chasing after more possessions which are not making any meaningful contribution to the kind of stress – free and creative life I’ve always hoped and toiled for.

Now you are free to write that book you’ve always dreamed of, travel to places that will give you newer perspectives, or work for charities to make you come truly alive.

3. Substantially reduced stress levels

All that many of our possessions end up doing for us is to make our lives overly stressed and miserable. This is due to the fact that possessions always want attention and constant care. So we’re engaged in a never-ending motion of cleaning, rearranging, washing, hiding, feeding, maintaining and even worshipping too many lifeless objects or animals.

As soon as you declutter, much of this burden is gone. It frees up your time to be able to rest enough, meditate enough and, oh, sleep enough.

Clearly, the health benefits of minimalism will be worth it, won’t they?

4. Money problems could become a thing of the past.

If you’re that kind of person who desires to be financially independent, then it is good to live minimally. This way, your consumption of utilities and the resultant costs will go down, repair costs will follow in the same direction and your overall living expenses will become more manageable. You can now save money and begin to enjoy a life free from financial worries.

5. A minimalist lifestyle helps you to discover your true purpose in life.

Life must definitely have more to it than acquiring very large living spaces and filling them with things we hardly use.

As you declutter your life, free up your mind and reduce your space, you will find time to reconsider the true meaning of life. You will discover, and go after what really brought you into the world and the impact you were born to make on your generation.

Living minimally makes life more meaningful, less stressful and profoundly fulfilling.

Remember, when you choose to get rid of some of your possessions and to reduce the number of your commitments it does not mean you’re reducing your quality of life. On the contrary, living with, and on less brings more contentment to an otherwise stressed life.

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