Summary of Chapter Fifteen of Faceless

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You can now have your authoritative summary of Chapter Fifteen of Faceless, a novel by Amma Darko

Chapter Fifteen of Faceless begins with a brief but most revealing description of the character of Onko.

We learn in this Chapter that the name Onko is a corrupted version of the English word, “uncle”.

The children in his household, Baby T and Fofo included, love Onko because he is a kind man who lavishes gifts on them.

Onko is a relatively well-to-do and respected member of the extended family. Every member of the household, including the children, trust him.

How Maa Tsuru Met Kpakpo

The second part of our summary of Chapter Fifteen of Faceless  is all about how Kpakpo came into Maa Tsuru’s life.

In Chapter Fifteen of Faceless, there is a comprehensive description of how Maa Tsuru met Kpakpo. It gives us a vivid account of the beginning of the relationship between Kpakpo and Maa Tsuru.

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Kpakpo is a jobless man who has never shown any interest in working to earn a living. Kpakpo deceives Maa Tsuru into believing that he had been gainfully employed up to a time when some foreigners came to carry out routine maintenance works on the machines at his workplace.

Maa Tsuru, gullible as she is, believes Kpakpo’s lies and falls in love with him. Maa Tsuru, thereafter, becomes the source of Kpakpo’s free daily meals.

Meanwhile, Kpakpo asks Maa Tsuru not to visit him. His explanation is that his family will not welcome Maa Tsuru since they believe she is a cursed woman.

The Rape of Baby T

Another noteworthy point is that it is in Chapter Fifteen of Faceless that the narrator describes in detail the defilement and rape of the barely twelve-year-old Baby T.


The perpetrators of this dastardly act are Nii Kpakpo, the girl’s stepfather, and Onko, the supposedly benevolent and trusted “Uncle” of all and sundry in this extended family.

Kpakpo’s sexual assault on Baby T

One significant event in Chapter Fifteen of Faceless is Kpakpo’s defilement of Baby T. This incident occurs one night when Maa Tsuru is out of the house. Maa Tsuru is apparently in premature labour  and, therefore, has to spend the night at the midwife’s.

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Kpakpo takes advantage of Maa Tsuru’s absence and defiles Baby T under the full gaze of Fofo, her younger sister.

Then Onko Strikes Without Without Warning

Onko exploits the trust reposed in him by the children of this household and uses deception to brutally rape Baby T.

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