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Let’s begin our summary of Chapter Sixteen of Faceless by touching on the most important highlights in this chapter.

Chapter Sixteen of Faceless is right at the end of Book Two of this novel by the Ghanaian author, Amma Darko.

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Chapter Sixteen is a direct continuation of the events that unfolded in Chapter Fifteen of the novel Faceless.

It is important for you to note that this is unlike Amma Darko’s predominant narrative style found in many of the other chapters where she relies heavily on the flashback technique.

Just like Chapter Four of Faceless, Chapter Sixteen deals with some of the key characters and themes in the novel.

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  • The main points concerning the character of Kpakpo come up in Chapter Sixteen of Faceless.
  • There are pointers to the essential aspects of Onko’s character as well in this chapter.
  • Child trafficking and child prostitution which are important themes in Darko’s Faceless take centre stage in Chapter Sixteen of Faceless
  • The influence and power of Poison on the streets of Agbogbloshie and Sodom and Gomorrah are on full display in this chapter.

I am now going to show you the significant incidents, themes and characters that form part of Chapter Sixteen of Faceless.

Onko Bribes Maa Tsuru to Remain Silent

In order to silence Maa Tsuru (Baby T’s mother) about the rape incident, Onko gives her a rather large sum of money she has never handled before.


The effect of this bribe money is telling.

Instantly, Maa Tsuru adopts an almost indifferent attitude to Onko’s continued harassment of her daughter. Any time Baby T complains to Maa Tsuru about Onko’s persistent lewd remarks, Maa Tsuru will simply brush it aside with a disinterested reply:

“I said don’t mind him.”

Baby T Becomes a Child Prostitute

After one lame attempt on her part to stop Onko from harassing Baby T, Maa Tsuru bows to pressure from Kpakpo and gives out the young girl to a prostitution ring. The other major players here are Poison, Mama Abidjan and Maami Broni, the brothel operator.

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It is in Chapter Sixteen of Faceless that both Maa Tsuru and Maami Broni will later discover that Kpakpo has been keeping for himself envelopes containing Maa Tsuru’s share of Baby T’s earnings.

This discovery comes about on the day Maami Broni brings Poison to Maa Tsuru’s house. Poison simply stands at the back of Maa Tsuru’s window for her to see. This is an apparent move on the part of Poison to warn Maa Tsuru to stop searching for Baby T or face dire consequences.

Baby T Dies

Henceforth, Maami Broni comes to personally deliver Baby T’s envelope to Maa Tsuru. So when she arrives at Maa Tsuru’s house one day, Maa Tsuru expects Maami Broni to give her an envelope. But this is not to be. Maami Broni, on this occasion, has come with terrible news. Baby T is dead. Her body has been found lying behind a certain blue rasta hairdressing salon kiosk in the Agbogbloshie Market.

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Chapter Sixteen of Faceless ends with the news that Kpakpo disappeared three days before Maami Broni came to break the news about Baby T’s death.

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