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This post is a summary of Chapter 6 of Faceless, a novel by Amma Darko.

Two key issues that form part of Chapter 6 of Faceless by Amma Darko are:

  • Kabria’s struggles with the reality of the maturing body of Obea, her adolescent daughter and her exposure to information about sex.
  • Male-bashing and motifs on the theme of feminism in Faceless

Obea’s Sexuality and Kabria’s Growing Discomfort

In Chapter 6 of Faceless, Kabria feels discomfort about the speed with which Obea, her adolescent daughter, is getting exposed to information about her sexuality. Kabria appears not to know how to feel or what to do with the fact that Obea now has in her possession sex education pamphlets from the Planned Parenthood Association of Ghana (PPAG).

At the same time, Kabria is not comfortable with the idea of discussing the subject of sexual reproductive health with her daughter.

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But Kabria is fully aware that Obea’s is a totally different generation. Obea’s generation know more about matters related to sex than Kabria’s generation knew at that age.

Meanwhile, Obea has all along been aware of her mother’s apprehension and suspicion regarding the PPAG pamphlets in her possession. Obea wastes no time to let Kabria know this. Kabria feels exhausted instantly. She drives Creamy away.

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Kabria’s Troubles as a Mother and a Wife

Back at home later in the day, Kabria, as usual, is engrossed in her domestic chores. Abena, the househelp, assists her as she tries to prepare supper for the family.

Alibris: Books, Music, & MoviesIn Chapter 6 of Faceless by Amma Darko, we see the children of the Adade family giving as much trouble as they can to their mother. Interestingly enough, their father is yet to return from work. Obea, Essie and Ottu are doing everything to add to the pressure Kabria has to endure as a mother and a wife.Adade


Chapter 6 of Faceless by Amma Darko touches on the theme of feminism and the role of women and men in a typical middle-class Ghanaian home.

There is the usual male-bashing as we have seen in other chapters of Faceless.

“A report once alleged that the African woman works for an average of sixty-seven hours a week as opposed to fify-five for the African man. So who really was the weaker sex?”

Adade finally returns home, a whole one hour after the return of Kabria and her children. Kabria has to force a smile and take his briefcase. This is what tradition demands of Ghanaian women like Kabria. This is the price women like Kabria must pay for being married to their men.

But inwardly, Kabria is fuming.

“Welcome him home with a smile, they say. Look good for him. Wear a mini skirt for him if he loves seeing you in one. Pamper him. Do him this. Do him that. God! Who pampered her when she returned home tired from work only to go and continue in the kitchen while trying to explain the word abandon to their son? Who met her with a smile? Who wore Levi’s jeans and an open neck polo shirt, which she loved so much on men, for her?

The End of Chapter 6 of Faceless

Chapter 6 of Faceless ends with Kabria telling Adade about her encounter with Fofo. Kabria also speaks to Adade about the dead body of a girl found behind a certain blue rasta hairdressing salon kiosk in the Agbogbloshie market.

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Adade’s only response is “Isn’t that something for the police?”.

Kabria tells Adade that MUTE, her organization, has an equal interest in the matter.

Curiously enough, Kabria fails to disclose Obea and the PPAG pamphlets matter to Adade.

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