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Are you ready to have your summary of Chapter Seven of Faceless?

Two significant events in Chapter 7 of Faceless, a novel by Amma Darko are:

Chapter Seven of Faceless opens with a brief visit by Kabria to the blue rasta hairdressing salon kiosk.

Kabria Goes to the Blue Rasta Hairdressing Salon Kiosk.

Here is what transpires during Kabria’s visit to the blue rasta hairdressing salon kiosk

When Kabria returns to the Agbogbloshie Market for a planned second meeting with Fofo, she decides to first nose around to see if she can get some information about the mysterious body of the girl Fofo earlier claimed to be her sister.

This is what takes Kabria to the blue rasta hairdressing salon kiosk.

The author gives a detailed description of the appearance of this hairdressing salon kiosk.

The blue rasta hairdressing salon kiosk sits in filth and stinking odour. Flies and mosquitoes surround the place.

The inmates of the blue rasta hairdressing salon kiosk number nine – eight young apprentices and their trainer who is also the owner.

The owner of the blue rasta salon kiosk has bleached her skin so extensively that the  after-effects on her have become an eyesore – dark spots spread all over her body and a very bad body odour.

Initially, the woman refuses to give Kabria any information about the body of the murdered girl. Kabria has to resort to lies to enlist the confidence of this hostile woman. It is only then that she opens up and asks Kabria to question her senior apprentice for any information regarding the identity of the dead body.

What Kabria Learns from the Blue Rasta Hairdressing Salon Kiosk

However, all Kabria manages to extract from the senior apprentice is that all the kayaayos in the area are in agreement that the murdered girl was not one of them.

This is contrary to what some unidentified person who had stopped them from speaking to the media would love the whole world to believe.

The senior apprentice further tells Kabria that three days after the discovery of the murdered girl’s body, she saw a slaughtered pure white fowl lying at the exact spot where the dead body was found.

Kabria’s Second Encounter with Fofo

The next significant event in this summary of Chapter 7 of Faceless is the second encounter between Kabria and Fofo.

You will remember that in our summary and analysis of Chapter Five of Faceless, Kabria promised Fofo she would return for another meeting with her.

After waiting for sometime, following her brief but eventful visit to the blue rasta hairdressing salon kiosk, Kabria now spots Fofo near Creamy. In fact, Fofo slumps against the side of Creamy.

Kabria becomes concerned when she takes in the picture of what is now Fofo’s badly beaten body.

  • Fofo’s right eye is bloodshot.
  • Her lip is cracked.
  • The right side of Fofo’s face is swollen.
  • Marks of someone’s fingers are visible on Fofo’s face.
  • There is blood in Fofo’s mouth.
  • She appears to be in serious pain.

Kabria can only conclude that Fofo has been subjected to some form of severe beating. For this reason, she drives the girl away, straight to the MUTE office where she works.

Out of fear, Fofo now feigns ignorance about having said earlier that the murdered girl whose body was found in the Agbogbloshie Market was her sister. Definitely, some powerful person must have put the fear of God into the girl.

Fofo will not even talk about who gave her the beating.

She cries “no police” when Aggie, one of the staff of MUTE, suggests that the matter should be reported to the police.

As Fofo suddenly makes for the door in a desperate attempt to escape, Vickie, another MUTE staff, acts quickly to block her way.

Dina’s Role in Chapter Seven of Faceless

It takes Dina’s intervention to restrain Fofo and pursuade her to stay. Dina instructs her subordinates to give the visibly hungry Fofo some food to eat. After that they will take Fofo to the clinic for a medical checkup.

Chapter 7 of Faceless ends with Dina calling the producer of The Good Morning Ghana Show at Harvest FM.

Certainly, Sylv Po, the presenter of the Good Morning Ghana Show will be interested in the case of Fofo. Not only that. He will also love to help MUTE to unravel the mystery surrounding the body of a murdered girl that was found behind the blue rasta hairdressing salon kiosk in the Agbogbloshie Market.

This is the end of our summary of Chapter Seven of Faceless by Amma Darko.

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