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The majority of students are likely to have to deal with a difficult subject at least once in the course of  their studies. Almost every learner has their own boogieman-subject during their study period.

I once had it.

It was Mathematics.

Mathematics gave me sleepless nights. You know why? As it is the case in most educational systems around the globe, such stubborn subjects are usually a key factor in determining one’s upward movement on the educational ladder. And mine was.

So I had to do something really fast. I’m not the one to allow any external factor to thwart my personal growth plans.

By the time I was through with my strategy, I became the go-to person among my mates in matters relating to difficult mathematical calculations!

Today I’m sharing with you my strategy to tame any difficult study subject.

1. Seek help to deal with your difficult study subject.

Make other teachers (who are not your current boogieman-subject teachers) help you in ways they can.

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Also, let your smarter siblings and schoolmates join in the rescue effort. It works. They can explain difficult concepts to your understanding in amazing ways that your teachers have so far failed to do.

2. Study to understand concepts; not to memorize formulas.

What I personally did was to read Mathematics the way I read my beloved Arts or Humanities subjects. I read to understand so I could easily solve any related mathematical problems. It is true that most concepts in most school subjects are better read to be understood than memorized.

For many learners, it will take some level of maturity, which only comes with extra years in their lives, to get to this point of understanding. Today, I can read many Mathematical questions that I once dreaded while standing, without pen, paper or a scientific calculator and give you the answer.

3. Practice answering questions in a difficult study subject regularly

Tackle that difficult study subject you fear most. Go to it more often. Attempt questions in that area.

Never worry about how well you will do. Stop fearing to make the same old mistakes again and again.

Do not be discouraged by your lack of progress at the early stages of your constant practice. Just keep practicing. It will surely get to a tipping point if you refuse to give up practicing. And hey, from then on you’ll begin to become a little hero in that difficult study subject.

Now listen to me. I’m not saying it’s that easy. There are the usual exceptions here too. Not all of us are created with the head for academic work. But the majority are. And I know for sure that includes you. This is why you’re here reading this in the first place.

4. After putting in your best effort …

If it is still not working don’t kill yourself, so to speak. Go on with your life.

I intend to publish another article soon about how to succeed in life without academic qualifications. As you may be aware, many great guys out there who are doing great things to make life easier and more enjoyable for all of us had to drop out of school in order to fulfill their not-so-academic dreams.

And they’ve made it, I mean big time!

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So there are many routes to personal success. Sometimes, you can do wonders with just the other subjects that come to you much more easily.

So what exactly is your point? You may be asking me now.

My point is this. It is possible to strategize to excel at subjects which you may be finding too much of a bother at this very moment.

I once did it so you too can. But if, after all your effort, nothing seems to be working you should never regard yourself as a failure.

What it means is that your creator has given you some other awesome talent that you need to discover and exploit for your massive success in life.

I discovered this young chap, Rob Knowles, who has started doing extraordinary things with his talent. You may like to check him out.

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