Top 7 Reasons to Become Self-Employed

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Are the reasons to become self-employed compelling enough? My simple answer to this question is this: YES!

So as you prepare to step into the world of work with its daunting responsibilities, you may want to consider if you’d fare better by becoming your own boss.

Perhaps you’re already in some  form of employment but still feel some emptiness inside you. You probably are thinking that you will finally find fulfillment if you become self-employed.

However, the doubts still linger. You’re not too sure if you’re thinking right. You’re afraid  to fail, aren’t you?

Can you really create your own income? Do you have what it takes to pay all the bills without running to an employer for your regular paycheck? Well, well …?

These aren’t bad feelings, okay? They’re normal. Personally, I once experienced all these conflicts inside of me. But I did it anyway.

So you too can. But I need you to listen to me first. Because I’m going to fire you up to make the move; the sooner,  the better.

Like any other big decision in your life, the decision to become self-employed is a weighty one. This is why you need compelling reasons to become self-employed. These motivators will drive that major leap of yours into the unpredictable waters of self-employment.

I will be the last person to pretend that self-employment is meant for everyone. No, it is not. I think what matters most is some burning fire inside you, refusing to die down, until you step forward and begin to create something you can proudly call your own.

If that fire isn’t there, and you feel perfectly okay with earning a salary then I think that’s great too.

After all, each one of us needs to pursue the love of our heart when it comes to deciding on a career path. That’s where real, lifelong fulfillment comes from.

But if the fire to become self-employed keeps burning in there, then you’ve got no other choice but to heed the call and take the plunge. I’ve assembled 7 great reasons why for some of us, self – employment can be an extremely fulfilling experience.

1. No alarm clock to obey, regardless of how you feel.

The freedom to choose how to spend your time is one great upside of this exciting journey we call self-employment. The anxiety about when to wake up and when to begin to work is gone. You will now call the shots. That alarm clock cannot force you to move out even if you don’t feel like it. It cannot kick you out of bed against your will anymore.

2. No bossy bosses anymore.

Ugh! Some bosses can be really bossy. Come to my country and see real proof of this. While you’re in self-employment, no one can throw anything at you ever again. You’re now the one in charge. What a great feeling!

Just imagine you take the decision to become a blogger. You will have the freedom to work or rest as and when you please. Because you are now your own boss. You decide what to do when, how and where.

3. Control over income level.

This is one of the best reasons to become self-employed.

As a small business owner, you decide what you earn. How? Your choices and the number of income streams you’re able to create will determine that. Any time you come up with a new product or run a successful marketing program, your revenue rises instantly.

It could double or go further than that. Yes, that’s how simple it is.

No more will you have to go on strike for a tiny percentage raise in pay.   And you will often create money on a daily basis. Bye to the long, excruciating wait for the arrival of old Mr. Sluggish Payday. You know what I mean.

4. No fear of being fired.

Some people stay in employment because of the notion of job security. Is that really true? Nine-to-fivers get fired often or lose their jobs due to other factors, don’t they? So the job security thing, in this case, is a myth. Don’t you agree?

Now, who can fire you in your own business? No one, except you. That’s when you fail to do things right and the business takes a nosedive. Generally, the instinct to survive and thrive continues to save a lot of us. It can save you too.

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5. Feeling like a real fighter.

Because it ain’t easy to become self-employed.

Any time you close from your business you feel like a champion. The truth is you’ve just been through one more day of pushing, hard thinking, tough decision making, risky deals, and overcoming daunting challenges and setbacks. You have obviously acquitted yourself satisfactorily in spite of all these. If not, you probably wouldn’t have made it home or to bed.

Every self-employed individual is a real fighter. So when you decide to become self-employed, you will always feel like a champion fighter.

Because every self-employed person loves to struggle to get up and keep fighting even when they keep hitting the canvas, so to speak.

The fact that you’re in charge of fighting your own battles gives you a huge sense of self-worth. And self-confidence too.

6. More free and quiet time for your other passions.

This has been a great motivator for me anytime I feel like giving up – we all do feel this way, once in a while, frankly speaking.

Knowing that you can choose when not to do anything, when to go on a vacation or just when to take a well-deserved break without having to apply for it through a mean-looking superior is one great advantage of becoming self-employed.

7. Ability to create jobs for others.

What else can be more fulfilling than this? One of the biggest social problems facing our generation is the scarcity of job openings, especially for young school leavers.

We often feel that the responsibility to create jobs lies at the feet of no other than the government alone.

But wait. Enterprising individuals are doing it too. So you too can. It doesn’t matter even if you end up employing just one person. That makes you an employer, doesn’t it? And that alone is a compelling reason to become self-employed.

If self-employment continues to be one of your options, then perhaps you’ve got what it takes to make it work for you. I hope the reasons above would make you stop procrastinating and just take the needed steps to become self-employed.

Thank you.



Ralph is a professional blogger. He spends his day working as an online entrepreneur and e-learning strategist. As a digital publishing trainer/consultant, he has developed exceptional skills in SEO-content writing. He writes extensively on lifelong learning and personal development issues. Ralph is the CEO of RN Digital Media Ent - a digital publishing & content marketing services platform he founded in 2017.

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