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This tutorial is about the significance of the first encounter between Kabria and Fofo at the Agbogbloshie Market.

For you to do proper justice to a question about the first encounter between Kabria and Fofo at the Agbogbloshie Market, you will need to cover the below important areas.

But before we continue …

I just want you to know that this post could as well be a summary and analysis of Chapter Five of Amma Darko’s Faceless.

If you’re a teacher of Literature-in-English for WASSCE, JAMB or any other relevant examination, you will find these notes an invaluable resource.

I’ve designed it in such a way that it should help your students to respond properly to a question on this incident in Chapter Five of Amma Darko’s novel, Faceless.

Back to business …

  • First of all, you need to say briefly what leads to the first encounter between Kabria and Fofo at the Agbogbloshie market.


  • Then, describe the incident itself.


  • After these, highlight the important issues that come up during this encounter between Kabria and Fofo. You will have to say something about themes and characters.


  • Lastly, you should show how this first encounter between Kabria and Fofo contributes to the development of the plot of the novel, Faceless.

Now, let me show you how to go about this.

I’m going to follow the steps above as I write about the significance of the first encounter between Kabria and Fofo at the Agbogbloshie market.

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Events leading to the first encounter between Kabria and Fofo

Fofo has just returned from an eventful visit to Maa Tsuru. She learnt about the death of Baby T and the discovery of her body behind a certain blue rasta hairdressing kiosk.

Fofo has apparently decided to find the ways and means to get the authorities to do something about the sad end of her elder sister.

So, when she abruptly parts ways with her trusted friend, Odarley, Fofo heads towards the vegetable market at Agbogbloshie. Her next target is to pick a shopper’s wallet so she can follow through with her plan to achieve a goal she is bent on achieving.

What is this goal? Fofo wants to “see government”. She wants government to take action regarding Baby T’s death.

Fofo must have been too desperate to steal money to carry out her plans so, on this occasion, she is not as crafty as she has always been. She is caught and a mob quickly gathers at the scene.

Kabria, a worker with the non-governmental organization, MUTE, happens to be her unsuspecting victim.

Your next step is to describe the encounter betwen Kabria and Fofo.

The first encounter between Kabria and Fofo

This is what transpires during the first encounter between Kabria and Fofo.

Kabria has come to the Agbogbloshie market to buy some vegetables for herself and for Dina, her boss at MUTE.

Kabria takes some steps to the spot where a girl’s mutilated and cleanly shaved body was found lying naked a couple of days before.

It is at this moment that “a boy” nearly robbed Kabria. A visibly shaken Kabria is horrified when she realizes that the mob that now have the unsuccessful pick-pocket at their mercy could do something terrible to him.

This is why Kabria, out of human compassion, comes to the culprit’s rescue. Kabria lies to the crowd that she knows “the boy” and goes ahead to bribe them just for them to let the unsuccessful robber go.

What we must bear in mind is that it is the girl,Fofo, who has disguised herself as a boy. The clothes she picked from her smallish stepfather, Nii Kpakpo’s abandoned polythene bag in Maa Tsuru’s room have served their purpose.

The first thing that Fofo asks from Kabria, her rescuer is food. Fofo is clearly feeling the pangs of hunger. Kabria becomes exasperated on realizing that Fofo wants more money. Then when she hands more money to “the boy” and tries to escape with Creamy, the unthinkable happens. Kabria discovers to her bewilderment that the handsome boy standing before her eyes is, in fact, a very good-looking girl.

“A very expensive thief you have turned out to be, young man. I, your intended victim who bailed you out have to feed you too?” she said and got into Creamy. She started it. Creamy didn’t respond. Kabria looked into the driving mirror. The boy was still standing there. He pushed back the cap. Kabria gasped and turned off the ignition. She took another good look at him. Then she got out of the car, because, ruggedness, dirt and all, the good-looking face she was staring into was not handsome. It was pretty.

“Hey!” Kabria exclaimed.

Pretty face smiled shyly. “I am a girl.,” she said.

Kabria wanted to laugh and cry and do the mapouka all in one.

“A girl who posed as a boy to steal my purse? Do you have a name?

“Yes, Fofo.”

But Fofo has not finished yet.

Next, she asks Kabria to give her an opportunity to meet the Ghanaian authorities.


“I said government. I want government.”


Though Kabria has no intention of meeting Fofo again, she arranges another meeting with her before noon, the next day, at the same spot.

Before Creamy moves away, Fofo tells Kabria that the murdered girl whose body was found recently was her sister.

Clearly, Kabria has had enough for a day. She concludes that Fofo can only be “a scatterbrain” for making such a bizarre claim. She moves away while Fofo stands there waving and crying.

End note.

It will be Dina, who, on hearing Kabria speak about her encounter with Fofo, will suggest that they take a follow-up action on Fofo’s claims. She wants MUTE to ask Harvest FM for their support to run a show on the incident.

That is it. You have described the incident involving the first encounter between Kabria and Fofo.

A word of caution, though …

This is a detailed account of the first encounter between Kabria and Fofo. You will, therefore, have to summarize it further  for your examination essay.

Remember that you ought to have enough time and space left to deal adequately with the second part of your essay too. I mean the significance of this first encounter between Kabria and Fofo.

This is why you can’t write in such detail as I’ve done here. At least, not at the WASSCE/High School level.

Remember also that, it is my duty to give you all the details . This is the best way I should help  you to know what to do depending on the sort of question you may have to answer about this first encounter between Kabria and Fofo as narrated in Chapter Five of Faceless.

Our next and last stop is, obviously, the significance of the first encounter between Kabria and Fofo in Amma Darko’s Faceless.

Significance of Kabria’s first encounter with Fofo

Here is a list of the important issues that crop up during the first encounter between Kabria and Fofo.


Life in the street is one of the survival of the fittest.

Hunger and desperation have turned even girls into rugged criminals. Most Accra street girls like Fofo often have to resort to stealing purses from unsuspecting shoppers in order to survive the harsh realities they face on a daily basis.

The dangers that very young girls of the street are forced to live with are real. One such danger is instant justice and mob violence. Many street children who are suspected of picking the pockets of so-called “normal people” never survive mob action. Girls like Fofo are just a lucky few.

Lack of social support/failed governance/ineffective state institutions

Should it be a young girl like Fofo who must take matters into her own hands and make the initial moves regarding an investigation into the gruesome murder of her sister? Clearly, this  is enough evidence about how ineffectual state institutions have become.

The character of Fofo

The narrator gives us hints about some of the key attributes of Fofo as a character in her first meeting with Kabria.

  • Fofo is a beautiful girl.


  • But she is at the same time tough and rugged. Street life has made her so.


  • Fofo is quite a resourceful character. In fact, had Fofo herself not raised her cap for Kabria to identify her true gender, Kabria wouldn’t have uncovered her disguise. It is this same resourcefulness about Fofo which enables her to escape Poison’s rape attempt on her.


  • Fofo is a very determined girl. She fights to get what she wants. For example, Fofo’s determined attitude makes her maintain Kabria’s continued attention at the time the latter clearly wants to abandon her. The tone in Fofo’s voice as she demands a meeting with “government” may have contributed to Kabria’s increased interest in her case.

Contribution of the first encounter between Kabria and Fofo to the development of the plot of Faceless

How does this first meeting between Kabria and Fofo contribute to the development of the plot of Amma Darko’s novel, Faceless?

Here is how.

This chance meeting between Kabria and Fofo sets the stage for the unprecedented investigation into the murder of a street girl at Agbogbloshie. In fact, the investigation into the death of Baby T occupies a central position in the plot of Faceless.

Thus, the significance of this incident cannot be overemphasized.

The first encounter between Kabria and Fofo is important because it gives impetus to  the investigation of Baby T’s death, and, for that matter, helps in advancing the development of the plot of Faceless.

Moreover Kabria’s first meeting with Fofo is an incident that forms part of the rising action stage of the plot of the novel, Faceless.

As we have seen, Kabria’s next step, following her encounter with Fofo, is to report to Dina, her boss at MUTE.

A follow up meeting with Fofo then follows. It is at this second meeting with Fofo that Kabria discovers that Fofo has been severely beaten up by someone who wishes to silence her.

Consequently, MUTE and Harvest FM quickly develop greater interest in Baby T’s case.

These two privately-owned institutions put more energy and resources into their investigation .

The investigation initiated by MUTE as a result of Kabria’s first encounter with Fofo will eventually form part of the lead up to the climactic interview with Poison, the Street Lord of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Thank you.