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So why is it possible for someone to obtain a WASSCE certificate when they’ve never been to Senior High School?

Here are the reasons.

1.     The West African Examinations Council has a special WASSCE for private candidates.

Private means private, right? What it means is that you can be in your home, in employment, in a prison yard, on a farm, in a remote village where there is no school or anywhere other than a traditional school environment and register to sit for WASSCE.

In other words, the WASSCE exam is open to all manner of people, apart from school candidates.

2.     There is no age limit for registering for WASSCE.

So let’s assume that for some reason, you couldn’t attend secondary school when you were young and now you’re well past your twenties, thirties or even in your forties and beyond.

You still have all the chance in the world to obtain that WASSCE certificate if only you can do what it really takes to do so.

3.     On the WASSCE registration website, there is no field where you’re required to fill in your previous elementary or secondary school qualification.

I think this is the most important reason why you should believe the simple truth that people who have never been to Senior High School or even Junior High School can still register and write WASSCE.

And if you’ve started thinking that even if you finally obtain the WASSCE certificate no tertiary institution would admit you because you will not have any school’s name to write on their admission form then I’m telling you here and now that no one is going to ask you for that.

Read that again. Previous attendance at a formal school is not a mandatory requirement for entry into any university in Ghana or anywhere else that I can think of. What is important is that you undertook a high school or a comparable course and got the required qualification. You might have done so inside a hole; no one cares.   Period.

All you’re required to fill in are your WASSCE GRADES.

You will not even be asked categorically to state whether you wrote the examination as a private candidate or school candidate.

4.     There are examples of people who have gone ahead to obtain WASSCE qualification without having ever attended High School.

I am one such person. And you know what? There is a sizeable number of similar cases out there. In fact, I can point to you (in private and with the express permission of the concerned individuals) lots of awesome individuals that I personally mentored to achieve this feat.

If this is not proof enough then I don’t know what is.

5.     You don’t need to believe this to make it true.

The reality is that people without a formal secondary school background are capable of obtaining WASSCE qualification as private candidates. Your belief or disbelief can never take anything away from this fact.

So the above are the reasons for you to trust that you too or that person you know can still obtain WASSCE qualification despite the fact that you couldn’t or cannot attend Senior High School.

Take my advice.

Refuse to listen to people who are ignorant of this basic truth and rather than take some time to educate themselves on the matter, they go round to dispute it and discourage others.

Would you love to obtain your WASSCE qualification anytime soon? Why don’t you contact me so we can begin the process to achieve this lofty goal?

If you’re a high school student, fine. We still can work together. On the other hand, if you couldn’t attend a secondary school but you still believe you can make it, I encourage you to join hands with me so we can make your dream a reality.

Thank you.

Photo by Juan Ramos on Unsplash