The Significance of the Jerusalem Temple in the Life and Ministry of Jesus

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It is almost impossible to discuss the life and times of Jesus without mentioning the Jerusalem Temple. This shows how prominently the Temple featured in the work of Jesus.

What was the Jewish Temple?


Unlike the Synagogue, there was only one Temple in the whole of Israel.


1. The first temple was built by King Solomon.

2. The Babylonian king, Nebuchadnezzar, ransacked and destroyed it.

3. Cyrus, the Persian king, helped the Jews to rebuild it (538 BC).

4. Herod the Great rebuilt the Temple completely later.

Here follows a list of points stating the role of the Temple in the life and ministry of Jesus.

The significance of the Temple in the life and ministry of Jesus


1. At 12, Jesus was sent to the Temple according to custom to celebrate the Passover.

2. He was found sitting with teachers and asking them questions.

3. At his temptation, Jesus was taken by Satan to the top of the temple. Satan then asked him to throw himself down so the angels might save him.

4. When confronted, Jesus paid a temple tax.

5. Jesus watched a widow put all her possession in the temple treasury during worship.

6. He expressed sorrow at the eventual destruction of the temple

7. Just before his betrayal and arrest, Jesus entered Jerusalem triumphantly and cleansed the temple

8. The Temple was a place of pilgrimage for Jewish festivals like Passover and Day of Atonement.

9. The Temple was home for priests who performed sacrifices to God on behalf of the people.

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