October 20, 2020

The Reasons for Military Intervention in Politics in West Africa

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This is a bullet-point tutorial on the reasons for military intervention in politics in West African countries.

You can now have a summarized version of the factors responsible for military intervention in politics in West Africa.

1. Maladministration and economic mismanagement by civilian governments.

2. The desire on the part of civilian governments to stay in power for too long.

3. Dictatorship or tyrannical rule by civilian governments.

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4. Desire by soldiers to taste and enjoy the benefits of political power.

5. Neglect of sections of the armed forces by civilian governments.

6. Tribalism, nepotism and other forms of discrimination within civilian governments.

7. Role of opposition parties who wish to capture political power through undemocratic means

8. Interference from vested foreign or external interests.

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