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Describe the Role of the Synagogue in the Life and Ministry of Jesus

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The Synagogue was one of the best known social and religious institutions in Israel at the time of Jesus.

Here are some key functions of the Synagogue during the time of Jesus.

1. The Synagogue was a meeting place for public worship on the Sabbath and on Jewish festival days.

2. The Synagogues, at the time of Jesus, served as schools on weekdays mainly for the teaching of the Torah.

3. The Synagogue also served as a court.

The significance of the Synagogue in the life of Jesus


i. The Pharisees and Scribes confronted and criticized Jesus in the Synagogue.

ii. Jesus taught in the Synagogue.

iii. He performed healing miracles here. An example is the healing of the woman with the spirit of infirmity.

iv. Jesus announced his Messiahship in the Synagogue.

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