October 25, 2020

Describe Joshua’s Sending of the Two Spies

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Moses died at the age of 120, still a strong man, on Mount Nebo in the Land of Moab near Jericho.

This was just before he had laid his hand on Joshua, the son of Nun, a man full of spirit and wisdom but not equal to Moses, as his successor.

The sending of  the two spies and the role of  Rahab


THE CHARGE: The servant (angel) of the Lord then said to Joshua to get up, gather courage and lead his people according to the Law of Moses to the Promised Land.



  • Joshua sent two spies from Shittim with the following instructions: “Go and take a look at the land and Jericho”.
  •  They came to the land of Rahab, a prostitute and lodged there.
  • When the king of Jericho heard of their presence, he called Rahab and asked her to produce the men. Rahab, however, had other plans.
  • Rahab concealed Joshua’s spies in her roof and told the king they had gone away, upon which a search team was sent after them.
  • Rahab then told the spies about the great fear which had gripped the people of Jericho regarding the Israelites’ advance. Rahab said this was because they knew how Yahweh had helped Joshua and Israel to cross the Red Sea and dealt severely with kings Sihon and Og of the Amorites.
  • Rahab pleaded that they should spare her household in return for her kindness toward them. Both parties entered into a parity covenant with the spies swearing to spare her life if Rahab did not disclose their activities to the king.
  • Rahab showed the spies a safe passage out of the city and they dwelt in the mountain for three days to avoid their pursuers.


When they got back, the two spies told Joshua that Yahweh had given the land to Israel and even the people of Jericho realized it so they were frightened – plans were then made to cross the Jordan River and advance on the city.


1. Joshua was rewarded with a leadership position for his faithful service to God and Moses.

2. Joshua, like Moses, was a military strategist who depended on the Lord for wisdom.

3. God loves all, including prostitutes like Rahab.

4. Those who are kind to strangers e.g. Rahab shall find favour with God

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