WAEC Extends Deadline for the 2019 Nov/Dec WASSCE Biometric Registration to August 12; Fees and Facts

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This post is being updated in real time. I intend giving you all the latest info right from WAEC as it happens.

My prediction has come to pass.

This is the latest update of this post. It has become necessary following the usual happenings at WAEC.

Click on the link below to read our prediction several months ago.


Here is the latest.

Short Notice!!!

Extra Late Registration Deadline at Ghana-WAEC  EXTENDED to August 12, 2019.

I know there are some sighs of relief right now. Who doesn’t like good news like this? We all do, right?

You can now take a look at your registration fees and other matters.

Here are the biometric registration fees and other facts about the 2019 Nov/Dec WASSCE for private candidates.

The registration fees listed here are for candidates in Ghana only.

You will also find a complete list of the banks designated by the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) for the payment of the 2019 Nov/Dec WASSCE for private candidates.

Oral English and Oral French fees, as well as practical or project work fees for the 2019 WASSCE for private candidates, can also be found in this post.

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The registration period and closing date for the normal and late registration for the Nov/Dec WASSCE for private candidates are also provided below.

The penalty fee for late registration in the 2019 Nov/Dec WASSCE  is included as well.

Please note that for the past two years or so, WAEC has been extending the late registration for the WASSCE for private candidates to as late as August.

It has happened in 2019 too.

Just as we rightly predicted at CegastAcademy.com, your extra late registration for the 2019 Nov/Dec WASSCE started on 28th July 2019.

The new deadline is now 12th August 2019.

Mark my words many months ago …

But you must note that even if the closing date for the penalty period of the Nov/Dec WASSCE biometric registration is further extended to even August, you will still need to pay a hefty penalty.  So why don’t you register during the normal Nov/Dec WASSCE registration period if you can?

Now, here are the details about the registration fees, closing dates and WAEC-designated banks for the November – December 2019 West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) for private candidates that I promised you.

2019 Nov/Dec WASSCE Registration Fees for Applicants in Ghana

1 Subject:  GHS248.00

2 Subjects:  GHS237.00

3 Subjects:  GHS259.00

4 Subjects:  GHS277.00

5 Subjects:  GHS293.00

6 or More Subjects:  GHS308.00

2019 Nov/Dec WASSCE Oral English and Oral French Fees for Applicants in Ghana

Oral English: GHS30.00

Oral French: GHS30.00

2019 Nov/Dec WASSCE Practical/ Project Work Fees for Applicants in Ghana

Click here to know your Nov/Dec WASSCE practical and project work subjects for private candidates only.

Practical Work: GHS42.00 per subject

Project Work: GHS42.00 per subject

2019 Nov/Dec WASSCE Penalty Fee for LATE REGISTRATION for Applicants in Ghana

The late registration fee for the 2019 Nov/Dec WASSCE is one and half times the total normal registration fee.

In other words, an applicant during the late entry period for the 2019 Nov/Dec WASSCE will pay an extra fifty per cent on top of what was paid during the normal registration period.

CHARGES FOR CORRECTION OF ENTRIES (after you have submitted your entries)

Correction of Centre Name, Date of Birth, Address, Substitution of Picture and Substitution of Subject: GHS100.00

Click here to know the banks where you are supposed to pay your registration fees.

Registration Periods and New EXTENDED Closing Date for Normal Registration

Registration and Payment: 15th January to 31st May 2019

You can see that the goal posts have started shifting once again. Trust WAEC to do the unpredictable.

I will surely keep you posted up to even August and beyond.

Thank you!

Fast forward to end of July 2019.

According to WAEC, your extra late registration will now end on 12th August 2019.

Are you still interested in sitting for the Nov/Dec WASSCE in 2019? Then it is not too late to register. You can begin even now. Just make sure that you meet this last deadline of 12th August 2019.

Thank you!

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