Vital Aspects of the WASSCE Literature-in-English Syllabus

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Let’s take a look at the key aspects of the WASSCE Literature-in-English syllabus.

The following are the major elements of the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) Literature-in-English (Elective) Syllabus/Paper

  • Papers 3 and 1 (combined) You shall take these two papers together at the first sitting.
  • Paper 3 (African and No-African Prose) You shall answer two essay questions out of four.
  • Paper 1 (Objective Test ) This comprises 50 compulsory questions on General Knowledge of Literature and a Shakespearean text. Here is the breakdown.

Section A: General Questions on Literature Appreciation, Unseen Poetry and Unseen Prose (30 questions)

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Section B: William Shakespeare (20 questions),

  • Paper 2: (Drama and Poetry) 21/2hours. You shall answer two out of four questions on Drama and two out of four questions on Poetry. Here comes the breakdown:

African Drama (1 Essay)

Non-African Drama (1 Essay)

African Poetry (1 Essay)

Non-African Poetry (1 Essay)

Objectives of the WASSCE Literature-in-English Syllabus

These aims of the WASSCE Literature-in-English Syllabus should guide your study and analysis of the various texts.

The candidate is expected to demonstrate the following in their work:

1.Critical response to, and awareness of how literature functions.

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2.Familiarity with the terms and concepts necessary for the appreciation of literature

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3.The ability to distinguish between types of literature.

4.Competence in understanding literary texts at their various levels of meaning, for example, surface meaning and implied meaning.

5.Ability to respond to literature through effective and organized use of language

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