Top 5 Insider Secrets You Should Know About WASSCE for Private Candidates

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If you’re planning to register for the next West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) in The Gambia, Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria or Sierra Leone then be prepared to read carefully what I’m about to tell you.

Your level of success (let’s rule out failure) will depend largely on your knowledge of these industry secrets and how you utilize them to your advantage.

My goal is to make sure that I give you all the information you need to avoid the pitfalls and get yourself fully prepared for massive success in the WASSCE.


Let me throw more light on the 5 secrets you need to know about WASSCE for private candidates.

1. Registration for the examination starts anytime in January or February.

That’s just about a few weeks after the start of the new year. Keep that in mind. Begin to get yourself prepared to register early. Remember that any late registration will attract a penalty of an extra 50 per cent of the original fees. You don’t want to throw that kind of money away, I believe.

2. It is extremely dangerous to rely on hearsay about the WASSCE registration.

Every information you need about the WASSCE registration process can be found at the official website for WAEC /WASSCE registration for Private Candidates.

All you need is access to any device with internet connectivity and you’re ready to go. Google the right combination of words, for example, WASSCE REGISTRATION PRIVATE CANDIDATES and you’ll arrive at the relevant website to discover a whole lot of facts for yourself.

3. It is possible for some smart guys to defraud you.

Find time to personally check the exact official fees at the WAEC website any moment after the middle of February or thereabouts.

4. Gangs of WASSCE result-grade fraudsters are out there duping unsuspecting candidates, big time.

You can’t obtain any genuine WASSCE grades that can really take you anywhere worth going from these so-called “connection men” or “WASSCE Grade doctors”.

In the next examination period, just as in any other, these con men will be on the loose. My advice to you is simply this: beware. All you need to do is to begin your studies early and study diligently. That’s all it takes to obtain the grades you’ll be proud of.

5. WASSCE  qualification is going to be more relevant in the coming years.

Without WASSCE qualification, any youth in English-speaking West Africa can hardly function at this moment in time. Do you know why? Because every educational institution and every organization, both in your country and abroad, has recognized it as the only reliable high school level diploma coming from English-speaking West Africa.

The WASSCE certificate is the starting point for any individual from Anglophone West Africa who is serious about pursuing further studies at the tertiary level or going directly into employment.

What does this last secret mean to you? Here comes the simple answer. You cannot afford to play with your preparation for the WASSCE for private candidates.

Have you found these revelations helpful?

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