The Role of Women in Amma Darko’s Novel, Faceless

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Comment on Amma Darko’s Faceless as a feminist novel.

What role do women and girls play in Amma Darko’s novel, Faceless?

Now I present to you some key points to help you answer with ease the above possible questions (or other related ones) on the novel, Faceless.

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Amma Darko, in her novel, Faceless spares no effort in strongly projecting the image of the feminine gender. We can look at the role of women and girls in Faceless under the following three headings.

  • Victims to be rescued
  • Champions to the rescue
  • Perpetrators of crimes against the female gender

1. Victims to be rescued

Amma Darko uses the painful experiences of some of her female characters to highlight the plight of women and girls in a society which has little regard for the feminine gender. These suffering female characters include

  • Maa Tsuru
  • Baby T
  • Fofo
  • Kabria – still burdened by traditional marital roles in spite of being an educated career woman.

2. Champions to the rescue

Not all her female characters are portrayed as being at the receiving end of the brutalities of this largely male-dominated society. Amma Darko also forcefully brings to the fore the efforts being made by some other women to right the wrongs and to assert their rightful place in society.

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A good example is MUTE, an organization made up of strong, independent-minded women – Kabria, Vickie and Dina.

Dina, for example, dropped her husband and single-handedly set up MUTE.

Kabria, on her part, is able to successfully combine the roles of wife, mother and career woman.

3. Perpetrators of crimes against the female gender

It is interesting to note that apart from the irresponsible husbands and extremely violent men, some members of the feminine gender are culprits caught in unspeakable crimes against their own.

  • Male perpetrators

These include Kwei, Kpakpo, Onko, Poison and Adade.

If they are not beating the life out of their wives, then they are either sexually abusing them and other young girls or simply show no remorse about their uncaring attitude while their wives overwork themselves just to make the home a happy place.

  • Females as their own enemies

Female perpetrators include Maami Broni and Mama Abidjan. They earn their livelihood by trading the bodies of young innocent girls. It is their shameless activities that result in the needless, premature death of girls like Baby T.

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