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There is a simple way to discover the advantages of a concept in any test paper. Actually, you hardly need to memorize every point from that voluminous textbook of yours. We are often forced to commit to memory those advantages and disadvantages because we are unaware of this simple secret to finding the advantages of a concept or its disadvantages of in any academic subject.

Today, you are going to discover that simple secret.

You will, from this moment onward, decide when it is necessary to commit to memory five, six, seven or even ten points on advantages or disadvantages and when not to.

The reason is that in many instances, you can still find your advantages or disadvantages of any concept in Economics, Government, English, Social Studies, History, Biology, Business Management, General Paper, Management in Living, General Knowledge in Art and so on without having to recollect them from your memory.


So how do you do this very simply right there in the examination room? How do you just sit there and write down as many advantages and/or disadvantages of capitalism, for example?

What about the advantages and disadvantages of a federal system of government? And the extended family system? Here comes the simple answer.

If you know the advantages of the opposite concept, then you can easily get the disadvantages of the one in question too.

And if it is the disadvantages of the opposing concept that you know, then it is so easy to obtain the advantages of the concept in question from those disadvantages.

A little more explanation will do here. Take the twin concepts centralization and decentralization in Government for example.

Supposing that you know the advantages of centralization and then you have been asked a question on the disadvantages of decentralization. My point is this. You should never find it difficult finding the disadvantages of decentralization in this case.

The same goes for all questions of this nature under all other academic subjects and concepts.

Let’s quickly get down to some practical stuff then.

Assuming you studied the advantages of a bicameral legislature and one such advantage is this:

Bicameralism tends to ensure that bills are properly scrutinized by the upper chamber of the legislature before they are passed into law. Therefore this ensures the passage of high-quality bills into laws for the good of the country in question. Wow!

But here you are, WAEC or that other examination body have decided that they are not interested in your darling advantages of bicameralism.

This time around, all they want from you is to state the disadvantages of unicameralism. Oh My God! And you never looked at that before the test! You were so sure of the coming of your beloved advantages of bicameralism. So what do you do?

Throw up your arms in despair? No.

Instead, you should be the happiest guy in that tension-filled exam hall. Because you know why? You can still get the disadvantages of unicameralism or any other concept as the case may be.

How? Simple.

I simply tell my students to turn those advantages or disadvantages upside down. Well, not literally. Not like an empty cup of Gari. Not at all. Let me show you how.

For the bicameral legislature question in our example, consider the opposite of each one of those advantages that you know so well. So the opposite of the advantage of bicameralism I’ve stated above will definitely be something like,

It does not allow for the proper scrutiny of bills as may be the case under bicameralism. It, therefore, leads to the hasty passage of bills into laws. The hasty passage of low-quality laws is, therefore, one of the commonest disadvantages of unicameralism since there is no second chamber to scrutinize or fine-tune bills coming from the lower chamber of the legislature.

Yes. That’s it. Now I’ve started the miracle for you. Take this clue and perform all the wonders that you are capable of performing in your next test paper.

And remember, it goes the other way round too.

Feel free to contact me anytime for more guidelines or study tricks to enable you to become the successful learner or student you’ve always dreamed about.

Thank you!