October 24, 2020

The Character and Role of Kpakpo in Amma Darko’s Novel, Faceless

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Here is all you need to know about the character called Kpakpo in the Ghanaian writer, Amma Darko’s novel, Faceless.

This post is divided into two parts to address the two keywords in the title above.

  • The character of Kpakpo in Faceless
  • The role of Kpakpo in Faceless

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So, let’s begin with the basic facts about the character of Kpakpo is the novel, Faceless.

The character of Kpakpo

  • Kpakpo comes in as Maa Tsuru’s lover following the departure of Kwei.
  • Kpakpo is jobless and therefore earns his keep through dubious means.
  • He ends up sexually abusing Baby T, Maa Tsuru’s third child.

The role of Kpakpo in Amma Darko’s Faceless

  • Kpakpo contributes in no small way to the development of the plot of Faceless.

We are witnesses to the sad fact that Kpakpo’s entry into Maa Tsuru’s life sets the stage for much of the unpleasant experiences that Maa Tsuru and her children have to go through.

Here are some examples.

  1. His noisy love-making with Maa Tsuru is so disconcerting to the extent that her two sons have to leave home. They could no longer take the noise coming from the creaking bed and their moaning mother.
  2. He sexually abuses Baby T. This dastardly act forces Baby T and her younger sister, Fofo out of the house to find refuge in the street.
  3. Kpakpo is instrumental in the sale of Baby T into prostitution.
  4. It is Kpakpo who helps Onko to visit Baby T’s place – an ill-fated visit that will result in the brutal, untimely death of Baby T.
  • Kpakpo is used to expose a disturbing trend in this society. It is about how some unscrupulous men inflict pain and suffering on vulnerable women and girls in the Ghanaian society.

For example, Kpakpo’s defilement of Baby T compares with the same shameless behaviour on the part of others like Onko.

  • Themes in the novel that Kpakpo’s character contributes to illustrating include the following:
  1. Domestic or sexual violence against girls and women by men who are supposed to know better.
  2. Child trafficking and child prostitution masterminded by irresponsible adults in society.

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