Scene Two Summary of Harvest of Corruption

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This is the scene-by-scene summary of Frank Ogodo Ogbeche’s play, Harvest of Corruption, that you have been searching for.

Scene Two Summary, Harvest of Corruption

Chief visits the Commissioner of Police in his office. The Commissioner cautions Chief to be careful about the way he carries out his nefarious activities. He is increasingly getting worried about the constant negative media reportage about the goings-on at Chief’s ministry – the Ministry of External Relations.

Chief bribes the Commissioner and tells him not to worry. That so long as he continues to cover up for him everything will be fine. After all, he says, there is nothing money cannot buy.

We then meet ACP Yakubu also in his office. He reads and fumes over newspaper reports regarding Chief’s corrupt ways which have so far gone unpunished. Chief is accused of

  • smuggling
  • embezzlement of public funds
  • narcotic drug trafficking
  • sexual immorality

ACP Yakubu decides to send his boys to nose around Chief’s ministry for the relevant information so he can look into the case and possibly bring the culprits to book.

ACP Yakubu sees a madman going by the name Showboy who in his state of insanity is able to expose the wrongs in the Jacassan society. He even goes ahead to prescribe effective solutions to the problem. The madman criticizes such social evils as stealing of state funds by politicians and unsanitary conditions among others.

ACP Yakubu then sends his subordinate, Inspector Inaku, to the Ministry of External Relations. Inspector Inaku chances upon one Ayo, a clerk at the ministry. Ayo initially feigns ignorance but when offered a bribe of two thousand nairas, promises to furnish the police with incriminating information on Chief.

Meanwhile, to further cover up his criminal tracks, Chief visits Justice Odili at the end of this scene to bribe him in cash and in kind. Chief Odili also cautions Chief to be careful. He tells Chief that the negative reports about his activities are making him feel extremely uncomfortable.

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DISCLOSURE: This post contains affiliate links.

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