Scene Three Summary of Harvest of Corruption

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Harvest of Corruption: Summary of Scene Three

Scene Three is about the longest of all the eight scenes making up the play, Harvest of Corruption by Frank Ogodo Ogbeche.

Scene Three of Harvest of Corruption opens with Ochuole taking Aloho to the office of Chief Haladu Ade-Amaka, the Minister of External Relations. The purpose is to introduce Aloho to the minister and to formalize Aloho’s new appointment.

Passing through Mrs Obi, secretary to the minister, Ochuole and Aloho enter Chief’s office. Ochuole asks Chief to employ Aloho for her (Ochuole’s) sake. Chief promptly agrees to employ Aloho and then, as an afterthought, asks for Aloho’s credentials.

Aloho now gets a job as one of Chief’s protocol officers.

Ogeyi, upon hearing Aloho’s job title, sounds yet another note of caution to Aloho. She warns her friend of looming danger. Aloho on her part remains stubborn. She insists she needs a job and cannot let go of this one.

The venue for the discussion of Aloho’s first official assignment happens to be Madam Hoha’s Akpara Hotel. Present are Chief himself, Ochuole and Aloho with Madam Hoha supplying drinks to the trio.

Aloho is not given a chance to have any say in the discussions. Everything has been concluded without her knowing a thing. She is told she will travel to the US within two weeks to deliver some documents to somebody.

Ogeyi again counsels Aloho to open her eyes and see the danger signs showing all over the suddenly arranged US trip. But Aloho is obstinate. She turns a deaf ear to all the warnings coming from Ogeyi.

Aloho is subsequently arrested at the airport with a briefcase containing substances suspected to be narcotic drugs.

Chief swiftly goes to bribe Justice Odili and other officials handling the case. Justice Odili then acquits and discharges Aloho “for want of evidence” in a bizarre court scene.

ACP Yakubu is shocked that a glaring drug pushing case like this has been thrown out of court. In a brief conversation with Constable Ojo, one of his subordinates, he vows to go after the embezzlement and smuggling accusations against Chief in order to finally bring the minister and his accomplices to book.

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DISCLOSURE: This post contains affiliate links.

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