Scene One Summary of Harvest of Corruption

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Here is what is arguably the clearest and most comprehensive summary of scene one of the play, Harvest of Corruption by the Nigerian playwright, Frank Ogodo Ogbeche.

Harvest of Corruption: Summary of Scene One

We meet Aloho and Ochuole in Jabu, the political and administrative capital of an imaginary country called Jacassa. They are both graduates from the University of Azuka. It has been a long time since they saw each other. The two young women run into each other as Aloho reads an advertisement on a notice board at the ministries also known as Maisama.

Before they part ways, Ochuole, who works at the Ministry of External Relations as the “Chief Administrative Officer attached to the Minister”, assures the unemployed Aloho of job placement at her ministry. She promises to link Aloho up with the Honourable Minister of External Relations, Chief Haladu Ade-Amaka (affectionately called, Chief).

On reaching home, Aloho breaks the news to her host and friend, Ogeyi. Ogeyi wastes no time to strongly advise Aloho against the whole idea. They both cannot forget Ochuole’s reckless lifestyle back in university. And Ogeyi has heard too much negative information about Ochuole’s exploits in Jabu.
But Aloho, desperate to get a job for once since her completion of youth service, does not show any sign of taking Ogeyi’s advice.

Meanwhile, Ochuole goes to Akpara Hotel to break the news of her new find (Aloho) to Madam Hoha, the hotel proprietress and an accomplice in the corrupt circle of Chief Haladu Ade-Amaka. They both celebrate the new development as they hope to make more illegal money out of Aloho’s supposed employment.

Chief comes in and meets both Madam Hoha and Ochuole. Both women squeeze as much money and gifts as they can out of him. In fact, he spends lavishly on the two.

The scene ends with Ochuole telling Chief about Aloho. Chief readily agrees to employ Aloho whom he is yet to meet in person for the first time.

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DISCLOSURE: This post contains affiliate links.

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