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Are you planning to sit for the West African Senior School Certificate Examination organized by the West African Examinations Council?

You could be a school candidate sitting for the WASSCE for the very first time or a Senior High School graduate intending to re-sit and better your grades.

Maybe you’re an adult learner going to start learning everything from scratch or you’re a parent who is interested in your child’s good performance.

Well, since the bottom line is you desire excellent grades for yourself or for a loved one, you’re most probably thinking about enrollment in a remedial school to achieve your aim.

Then comes the mother of all questions. How can you tell a good remedial school from the many not-so-good ones around? I’m here to help you and guide you to make the right choice. After all, money doesn’t grow on trees to be picked and thrown carelessly at anybody at all who demands it with a promise to give you what you want.

My advice is that you need to be careful because not all that glitters is gold. I’m sure you’re aware of this old saying. Are you aware also that not all gold glitters? That’s a fact,

For almost two decades, I’ve guided thousands of remedial learners both as regular school students and as private candidates to achieve results many people thought were impossible. So I’m really well – placed to give you the below hints as to what you should look out for as you look for a place to attend your classes to prepare for the WASSCE or any other examination.

These hints are good not only for WASSCE candidates but also for any candidate about to sit for any external examination.

1. How much do they charge for tuition?

Listen to me. Never equate the level of tuition fees with the quality of tuition. There are many students and parents who continue to make this terrible mistake. Some of those who chose particular remedial learning centres in the past based solely on their high tuition fees and ignore or even ridiculed others because of their moderate fees would tell you how they wish they had known better than that.

It is not automatic that when you pay for expensive tuition you would get excellent results, is it? So you need to consider the other factors too.

2. What is the calibre of teachers available?

No one in their right senses can downplay the importance of higher academic or professional qualification of a teacher in the teaching and learning process. It is necessary for a teacher to be properly qualified in the subject they teach. But there’s a catch here too. I know teachers with a string of degrees who are very lazy or do not know how to impart knowledge effectively to students.

Some people are only after your money. They have no interest in teaching so never let their qualifications fool you? And you know? Sometimes you may even not be able to verify their professed qualifications. So, beware.

The best scenario is to have teachers who know their stuff, are willing to deliver it and are capable of doing so with relative ease and with enthusiasm.

3. What is their previous performance like?

Reputation counts a lot. At Cegast Academy remedial classes, much of our advertisement is by word of mouth. Past students and parents of past students who tasted the quality of our teaching and went home with very good results are the ones who do much of the advertising for us.

Let me use this opportunity to thank all you guys who ones passed through the gates of Cegast Academy for your continued trust in the quality of the Cegast Academy experience. We are looking for testimonials and success stories to display on our website. So, please, feel free to contact me if you would like to help. I can assure you that everything we publish shall first receive your express approval.

Oops! That was a little bit of diversion. Sorry about that.

Now to the point. Before you select a particular place to have your remedial classes, just ask around. Look for a couple of past students or clients and let them tell you their experience. If you love what you heard, great!

4. Do they value integrity?

I’ve had a few occasions where some people turned their back on Cegast Academy when they learned that we would not indulge in, nor encourage any form of examination malpractice among our students.

Well, what can I say? Too bad for them. It is my firm belief that integrity is capital invested. If the returns are not immediate, they’ll definitely show up in the long run.

Now let me ask you this simple question. If possession of leaked exam questions prior to the time for the paper, for example, is the magic wand for a good performance, then why do we still see so many re – sitters in the private examination every year? Is it not true that each time there’s going to be an examination, many teachers gang up with professional leaked – question wholesalers and retailers to tax students heavily in return for those so-called “sure banker questions”? Then why the persistent poor results for so many?

My point is this: Any remedial school with the shameless reputation of assisting their students to cheat in external examinations is not worthy of its own name.

What such centres end up doing is raising false hopes in students, discouraging them from taking their preparation seriously while making them see an otherwise easy-to-pass examination as a monster that can only be overcome by any means – fair or foul!

A good remedial learning centre is the one that instils in its students the importance of proper, all-weather preparation. At Cegast Academy, we have proven time and again that this is the best approach. How? First, we show you the reasons why you’re not getting the results you want and then we guide you to get the results through genuine effort.

Funnily, there are times when our students watch others from other places jump and jubilate as soon as a paper is over only to cry later when the result finally appears on the computer screen somewhere in December every year!

A good remedial school for you to choose is the one that makes you smile on the day you see your result, not on the day you came out of the examination room.

5. What is the level of discipline?

I’m about to tell you the truth finally if you still haven’t found out. Effective teaching and learning can only happen in a disciplined environment.

No, don’t get me wrong. I’m not talking about the type of remedial learning centre where martial law is their only code of conduct. If you ask my past students they’ll tell you that I encourage an atmosphere of freedom and fun in the classroom. No one can learn anything well under duress. So that’s not what I mean by discipline.

Before you settle on your choice of a good remedial learning centre, find out if students are allowed to do as they please or they’re made to conform to certain basic rules necessary for productive learning. Do teachers and students take their time table and assignments seriously? Do students place a higher premium on their outward appearance and possessions (dressing, smartphones, etc.) than on classroom learning and exercises? Are the teachers more interested in discussing partisan politics than in doing the actual teaching?

No one will pay money to any teacher or group of teachers in return for poor results at the end of the day. I’ve been able to outline some of the major attributes of both good, result – oriented remedial learning centres and the not – so – good ones.

Now you know what to do. Just make sure you choose right if you truly desire to move up to the next level after the examination.

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