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4 Ordinary Things You Must Do Every Day To Boost Your Chances of Success in an Examination

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The months, weeks and days in the lead-up to any examination can be a terrifying period for many candidates. This need not be the case if only the candidate knows and practices what needs to be done prior to the test.

Are you a candidate about to take part in an examination? Here are a few ordinary steps that you must seriously consider taking on a daily basis right from this moment. They would certainly make a huge difference in the way you view the prospect of that upcoming examination.

Your new, more positive mental attitude would then reflect on your performance.

1. Set limits to your study periods.

Learn to study for reasonable periods of time appropriate to your ability. Do not burden yourself with too much work. It is better to study a little and ensure that it sticks than to study so much that refuses to stick.

2. Allow a smarter friend to explain one difficult concept to your understanding.

If your ego tries to stand in the way, push it aside. Tell that ego: Get behind me Satan. 

Our friends become our better teachers in many instances where it gets really tough to grasp what was taught in the classroom. Thankfully, this approach is mostly about tapping into a free and more friendly learning resource. Use it!

3. Do some research online.

All it takes is a small fraction of the length of time you spend each day on social media. Devote a tiny fraction of that time to google a single topic in the syllabus and see the magical effect for yourself.

You will suddenly discover so much helpful, easy to understand stuff to complement what you’ve already obtained from your textbooks.

4. Make sufficient time for other activities.

Tend your plants if you love gardening. Prepare food for the family even if you’re male. Go out to play gutter – to – gutter football if you love the beautiful game. Watch some Netflix or enjoy seeing your favourite Nollywood actor do their thing on the screen. Don’t forget the music. Just find something different to do because it is the most powerful technique necessary for effective learning.

It’s been scientifically proven that a rested and refreshed brain is better at learning new things than a stressed and overworked one.

I’ll continue saying this …

No examination is a monster that should scare a candidate to death. No. When you adopt the right tactics, most of which are very simple and ordinary, you will be putting yourself in the right frame of mind before and during the examination.

What scares you most about examinations?

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