33 Easy Examples of Oxymoron in Literature

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Oxymoron is a figure of speech in which two usually opposite terms or words are used close to each other in a brief expression.

Below is a list containing instances of the literary device known as oxymoron.

1. Most foul, most fair

2. Pure impiety

3. Impious purity

4. Friendly Enemy

5. Harmless lion

6. Pregnant virgin

7. True Lies

8. Loud silence

9. Inflammable river

10. Painful joys

11. Victory in defeat

12. Fearless cowardice

13. Diligent indolence

14. Hazy clarity

15. Benevolent dictator

16. Knowing ignorance

17. Strange familiarity

18. The absence of being present

19. Little heroes

20. Freedom in slavery

21. Still movement

22. Careless caution

23. The living dead

24. The beginning of the end

25. Pitiless sympathy

26. Flimsy glories

27. Turbulent tranquillity

28. Low heights

29. The innocence of guilt

30. Benevolent dictator

31. Shallow depths

32. Ethical Bribe

33. Liquid rock

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