10 Important Achievements of the Gold Coast Youth Conference

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In this brief  tutorial, we are going to discover 10 achievements of the Gold Coast Youth Conference

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The Gold Coast Youth Conference was launched in 1929. It held its first meeting at Achimota in 1930. After its inaugural conference, nothing was heard of it until 1937 when it was revived by J.B.Danquah and others.

The Gold Coast Youth Conference was simply a forum for political discussions to advance the constitutional and economic development of the Gold Coast.

Let us now take a closer look at the achievements of the Gold Coast Youth Conference.

10 Achievements of the Gold Coast Youth Conference

1. The Gold Coast Youth Conference was able to iron out the differences between the chiefs and the educated elite. The conference felt that the problems of the country could better be solved if the chiefs and the educated elite co-operated within a unified political framework

2. The conference succeeded in intensifying the nationalist struggle against the colonial system through newspaper publications, submissions of petitions and so on.

3. The Gold Coast Youth Conference was also instrumental in the integration of Asante into the Gold Coast legislative councils under the 1946 Allan Burns Constitution. Before this time, Ashanti was administered separately as a protectorate.

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4. The conference aroused national consciousness by demanding rapid economic, social and constitutional reforms.

5. It served as a forum for the discussion of the appalling social and economic issues of the time such as housing, unemployment.

6. The Gold Coast Youth Conference campaigned strongly for the Africanization of the civil service. This had a measure of success at the time.

7. The Gold Coast Youth Conference also agitated for a university for the Gold Coast. This led to the establishment of the University College of the Gold Coast in 1948.

8. It worked for improved salaries and better working conditions for the civil service.

9. One other achievement of the Gold Coast Youth Conference was that it succeeded in the  creation of cultural awareness among the people. For example, chieftaincy was accepted as an institution which had provided stability and unity.

10. The Gold Coast Youth Conference aroused a sense of cultural revival among the people and promoted pan-Africanism. It made Africans to believe in  themselves and to dismiss the wrong notion that the black man was in some way inferior to the white man.

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