Top 78 Possible WASSCE Questions On Amma Darko’s Novel, Faceless

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Here is your world bank of likely examination questions on Amma Darko’s novel, Faceless.

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I urge you to discuss in groups and actively write answers on as many of the questions as possible.

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Likely Exam Questions on Amma Darko’s Novel, Faceless

Amma Darko: Faceless

Part 1: 49 Questions

  1. The male characters in Faceless are a social liability. Comment.
  2. Comment on the view that Baby T is a victim of social injustice.
  3. Describe the role of Creamy in the novel, Faceless.
  4. Discuss the contribution of Kpakpo to the problems that confront Maa Tsuru and her children.
  5. What role does Naa Yomo play in Faceless?
  6. Examine the character and role of Maa Tsuru in Faceless.
  7. What makes Naa Yomo an important personality in her household?
  8. What is Amma Darko’s assessment of her male characters in her novel, Faceless?
  9. Assess the character and role of Onko in Darko’s Faceless.
  10. Examine the relationship between Fofo and Maa Tsuru in Faceless.
  11. Discuss the theme of parental neglect in the novel, Faceless.
  12. The female gender is its own enemy. To what extent is this statement a true reflection of the role of women in Amma Darko’s novel, Faceless?
  13. Assess the effect of street life on Amma Darko’s male characters.
  14. The fear of Poison is the beginning of wisdom. Discuss.
  15. Discuss the use of detailed description by the author in the novel, Faceless.
  16. Comment on the use of symbols in Faceless.
  17. Examine the role of Fofo in the novel.
  18. What problems make Harvest FM’s attempt to investigate Baby T’s death difficult?
  19. Examine the role of educated women in Darko’s novel, Faceless.
  20. Comment on the theme of superstition is Faceless.
  21. Amma Darko spares no effort in exposing the weaknesses of the state in her novel, Faceless. Comment.
  22. Comment on the friendship between Fofo and Odarley.
  23. Compare and contrast the characters of Poison and Macho.
  24. Discuss the theme of failed governance in the novel, Faceless.
  25. Discuss the theme of violence in Faceless.
  26. Baby T is a victim of social injustice. To what extent is this observation a valid one?
  27. Compare and contrast the characters of Kabria and Maa Tsuru.
  28. Children are the main sufferers when society fails in its duties. Comment
  29. Faceless is a feminist novel. Do you agree?
  30. Describe Onko’s visit to the jujuman bringing out its significance.
  31. What elements of satire have you found in Amma Darko’s Faceless?
  32. Comment on the roles of Maami Broni and Mama Abidjan in Faceless.
  33. Discuss the role of women in Amma Darko’s novel, Faceless.
  34. Describe the dangers faced by the street children in Faceless.
  35. Street girls are always at the mercy of their male counterparts. With close reference to Amma Darko’s Faceless, show the extent to which this statement true.
  36. The real victims of street violence are the girls, not the boys. Discuss.
  37. Examine the significance of Sodom and Gomorrah in the novel, Faceless.
  38. What is the significance of the curse in the novel, Faceless?
  39. Comment on Poison’s contribution to the development of the plot.
  40. Discuss the role of Kpakpo in the development of the plot of the novel, Faceless.
  41. Kpakpo is the architect of Maa Tsuru’s woes. Comment.
  42. Assess the character and role of Kwei in the novel, Faceless.
  43. Comment on the significance of the police station in the novel.
  44. Examine the role played by Harvest FM in Amma Darko’s novel, Faceless.
  45. Comment on the relationship between Kabria and her three children.
  46. What role does Sylv Po play in the development of the plot of Faceless?
  47. In the society portrayed by the novelist in, neither the home nor the street is safe enough for girls. Comment.
  48. Describe the friendship between Fofo and Odarley bringing out its significance.
  49. What is the significance of the first encounter between Fofo and Kabria?

Part 2: 29 Questions

  1. Maa Tsuru’s troubles are self-inflicted. Do you agree?
  2. What social problems are revealed in the novel, Faceless?
  3. According to Fofo, one can do anything in peace on the streets so long as one follows the rules. How is this statement a true reflection of street life in the slums of Accra?
  4. Enumerate the dangers the street girls are exposed to in Amma Darko’s novel, Faceless.
  5. Discuss the theme of discrimination against women and girls in Faceless.
  6. Failed governance is a major issue in Amma Darko’s Faceless. Comment.
  7. Discuss the theme of marriage in Faceless.
  8. Discuss the theme of the family as an important social institution in the novel, Faceless.
  9. What socio-economic problems has the author identified through her portrayal of the experiences of the children of Sodom and Gomorrah?
  10. Comment on the significance of the death of Baby T.
  11. Examine the role of the mass media in Amma Darko’s novel, Faceless.
  12. Describe the condition of children in the novel, Faceless.
  13. Describe the character and role of Macho in the novel, Faceless.
  14. Comment on the title, Faceless.
  15. With reference to two incidents, discuss the causes of streetism and its effects on society.
  16. The death of Baby T constitutes a turning point in the novel Faceless. Do you agree?
  17. Is Fofo justified in the way she relates to Maa Tsuru?
  18. Discuss the theme of prostitution in the novel, Faceless.
  19. Discuss the theme of unfulfilled dreams in Amma Darko’s novel, Faceless.
  20. She was both a child and an adult. With close reference to any two incidents, show the extent to which this assessment of Fofo’s character is true.
  21. Who is to blame for Baby T’s death?
  22. What is the significance of Fofo’s dream in the novel?
  23. Discuss the effects of superstition on Maa Tsuru’s family.
  24. Compare and contrast the characters of Onko and Kpakpo in Darko’s novel, Faceless.
  25.  Discuss Faceless as a novel of social criticism.
  26. Children are not the only victims of social dysfunction in Amma Darko’s novel, Faceless. Comment.
  27. What is the symbolic role of the street in the novel, Faceless?
  28. Comment on the significance of the blue Rasta kiosk in Amma Darko’s Faceless.
  29. Why is Adade an important character in Faceless?

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